Guatamala Has Massive Hole!

I had to rewrite this because I wasnt logged in last time and i lost it all! f*cken bullshit i know!
This is the second installment of Anthony’s blog. If anyone is reading this let me know, comment because right now it feels like i’m writing all this amazing material and no one even reads it. Otherwise ill just write a shit little boring blog if no one cares anyway, so hit me back and tell me how good and funny i am, or bad i guess, or even how racist. scratch that). id love to hear from you :), its why i write this.
Today was my second day of SYN work experience. I started by listening and doing feedback on the breakfast show Get Cerial with Rob, Viv and Matt. It was alright but the music was reaaly shit, i reckon they should either ahve classic hits or fresh new current chart-toppers, not unknown weird homo music haha sorry but thats my opinion. I like hip hop/rap but i know most people dont coz of the swearing so top 40 shit is the best to play me thinks. But the show was good except i was listenign on a CD and i accidently restarted it so i had to forward it back to 50 minutes, but i got there. And after thaat, i filled out membership forms, which was boring but easy and prety chill. After lunch i finished them off and by like 4 i was done, so i started writing this blogington. its after 4 now so im knockin off but tomorow i start at 2, which means sleeping in, right? Wrong! I have to get up at 7!, to get to the city by 9 to get my braces put in. its not all bad though i get to choose the colours so im gettin mighty hawks on mine 🙂 but yea im bit pissed off coz i had to write all this again so if u bump into me tonight im likely to punch you in the face, i really need to get home like right now like in a time zap machine because Red Dead Redemption is waiting for me to play so i dont lose my lifebreaking $10 wager with my little brother on who finishes the game first. H es far ahead of me coz i was too busy sleeping yesterday, so im gonna hev tpo play for at least a few good hours, and play well. but yeaa have a great night everyone loves you ciao! x
remba comment, respond, talk imm not writing this shit for nothing dude i gotta get some recogntition in the form of comments k thanx byeee


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