Happy Wednesday!

Hello world of syn and all who are reading avidly. It’s now my third day of work experience and i’ve just got started on the blog here which is terrifying but also extremelly enthralling.
Two days have already passed before me and i’m beginning to wonder how that’s even possible, time flies when you are listening to great classics on SYN (Walk Like an Egyption is currently playing). First day started as normal, I talked to Emma *resident cool person at SYN* about why I was at SYN. My mind flashed back to the early days of dumb radio building as an eight year old, the radio’s never worked BUT THE DREAM LIVES ON.
I was extremelly anxious as a first dayer and came in very timid about what to do. But the fun times soon began and I got to listen to an hour of Get Cereal and write constructive feedback on what I thought. Which was really great considering I frequently miss the early hours of Get Cereal due to problems such as oversleeping and breakfast (which is pretty sad because listening to Get Cereal while eating breakfast is probably ideal). Oh and I also put adresses on envelopes but that’s not that interesting, NO ACTUALLY IT IS, I stalked down heaps of the schools that did School’s On Air and I realise that many of them aren’t actually schools. Well hey, you learn something new everyday.
On Tuesday, I did similar things to Monday but I got to also work with the PANORAMA TEAM *everyone high-five!* And they, my oh my, they are a hard working bunch. Seeking out the hard-hitting news and sometimes not so hard-hitting such as the undenyably boring tax summit that Hayley (one of Panorama’s EP’s) was struggling to plow down the extensive ‘The Age’ coverage of the event while listening to the summit live. It blows my mind the multitasking these people are able to execute. I had to write a small paragraph on what I thought of the tax summit, which unfortunately was essentially; nothing. I hadn’t heard anything about the tax summit which is probably a bit pathetic considering it’s the only thing in the news at the moment. I then turned to the trusty social media tool of facebook to ask my friends what they thought and out of no where pops a friend (aquaintance… yeah, no. no i really don’t know who she is) who’s mother happens to be a part of the Victorian Tax Council. Her insight, “It’s a waste of time”. Aye me. But apparently Bob Katter fell asleep watching the summit. Good Times.
Excuse how long this could end up, I get a whole hour to write :). Today I stamped some envelopes and came in later than usual, I have only been here for 1 hour and a half but so much has happened. While stamping envelopes many insightful and hilarious SYN volunteers were having avid conversations about The Simpsons, Twitter and things in general. IT WAS HILARIOUS. I think the appeal of radio is that you get to eavesdrop on other peoples conversations without feeling like a creep.
After eavesdropping, Emma sent me out to the bank and post letters. It is exceptionally good weather today so the stroll was lovely.
The weather has been good all week I’ve been here, perhaps it’s a sign.
PS: A car alarm keeps going off outside, maybe that’s a sign too.
– Arundhathi

October 5th 2011
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