Having fun at 1700 as a camera man!!

I thought the week couldn’t get any better then it already had been but obviously i was wrong.
We all were taken to a huge building where we caught the elevator up to cannel 31 reception where we all signed in our names and met the people we would be working with that day. Everyone was extremerly inviting and extremerly nice to us, we introduced ourselves to the two hosts (Tess and Dom) and they did the same back to us.
After the general introductions we were taken to the studio where they film 1700 we were told that we were most likely to be filming the live show. Thats when the nerves hit us all immediatley i thought what would happen if i stuffed the whole thing up, one of the camera men came out and she told us that there was no need to be scared because we were going to be wearing headphones.
These head phones were so th people on the computers in the room behinde us could tell us were they wanted the next shot and other things.
After being showed how to use the zoom, tilt, pan, track and how to get the camera to eye level the crew came in and set up. After the stage was set we did the final countdown to when the show was going to be live on air.
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and the show began Tess and Dom introduced themselves and what was comming up in the show such as types of music and what band they would be introducing(or band member). After two segments it was time for  the big one the interveiw with Pete from ‘Mammoth Mammoth.’
We were all ready but thankfully it was just as easy as the rest of the other segments no extreme movements just basic sitting and talking about the band, their achivevments, funny incidents such as when the stage fell apart at one of their gigs.
3 more segments later and sadly it was all over we had done all the filming we were capable of we had to leave because it was 6:00 but we still filmed the whole show and got our names in the credits. They all wanted us to stay but we had to leave. We said thank you for giving us the filming experience and they thanked us back. Then we signed out our names at 6:01 and headed out of the building on our way homes to get a good nights rest for a even more exciting day tommorrow 

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