‘Heart That’s Pounding’ – Sally Seltmann

 ‘Heart That’s Pounding’ is the third album from Sally Seltmann. 
An award-winning songwriter and singer, Sally has previously released albums and performed under the name ‘New Buffalo’.
A love of timeless pop music has informed Sally’s new release. While creating the album, Sally was listening to songs like Eternal Flame, You’re So Vain, and Manic Monday. “I wanted to create songs with a classic radio sing-a-long feel,” says Sally. New single On the Borderline sees Sally play with shades of darkness giving the song a not-quite-what-it-seems edge.
‘Heart That’s Pounding’ was recorded in Melbourne at Sing Sing and Adelphia studios, co-producer Franc Tetaz’s recording space, and her home studio – re-imagined as a teen girl’s bedroom for pop inspiration.

Previous recordings by Sally as New Buffalo include her debut EP ‘About Last Night’, her first album ‘The Last Beautiful Day’, and 2007’s ‘Somewhere, anywhere.’ She is also well known for her work as the co-writer of ‘1234’ as performed by Feist.
As New Buffalo, Sally has toured in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. She has performed her own shows in these countries, as well as supporting artists including Cat Power, AIR, The Concretes, Broken Social Scene, Bright Eyes, Stars, and Feist.
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