High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2013


The HLPF 2013 held its first meeting on Tuesday, 24 September 2013. The meeting was held under the auspices of the General Assembly and gathered Presidents, Prime Ministers, senior officials and representatives of stakeholders within the Trusteeship Council.

The session was divided into several segments that featured keynote presentations from Heads of State and Government and Ministers and remarks from the floor, on the following themes: “From vision to action,” “Global partnerships for development to create jobs and improve sustainable lifestyles,” and “Mapping the way forward for eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable development.”

Reporting from the General Assembly at UN HQ in New York, Dominic and the team review the event, reflecting on the content of the outcome document and how the panel may influence and inform the eventual Sustainable Development Goals, echoing the MDG events taking place at the 68th General Assembly as part of the MDG Success programme in the final 3 years of the MDGs.

Featuring UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, General Assembly President John Ashe and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff


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