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This week is Reconciliation Week on The Hoist, where we share with you some incredible First Nation’s artists we are absolutely loving! 

Over here, our team of local music lovers wrote about some of their favourite First Nation’s new releases.

Here are their reviews:

Tia Gostelow – Psycho 

This new song from QLD’s Tia Gostelow is has a summery Brisbane feel to it. However, the subject matter of emotional gaslighting is not to be dismissed here, as the indie-pop genre utilised by Tia – but if you are to delve a little deeper this song really has so much substance and it’s been delivered in such a liberating sense, noting the assortment of guitar riffs towards the end. Beautiful stuff once again from Tia!

Black Rock Band – Red Black and Yellow

Hailing from Darwin in NT, Black Rock Band have released a rock anthem here, and at such a fitting time. I can really feel the passion from the powerful vocals of Richie, to the backing melodic harmonies sprinkled throughout. The electric guitar hooks transport me to a time where I wasn’t even born and I’m loving it. A nod in solidarity to Black Rock Band!- Selin Kaya

Heard this track a few times recently and it’s one of those ones that gets stuck in your head. I love the incredible shredding guitar lick that travels throughout the track. Stay tuned for their upcoming album, Identity, out soon! – Riley Geary- Goodwin 

JK-47 – The Recipe

I’m totally convinced that the North Coast of NSW is a song-writing hot spot, with this track from JK-47 really cementing that theory! The minimal backing track really allows for JK-47 to lay down his bars meaningfully and with cause – which is what he’s done perfectly here. His flow is also showcased so naturally in this track, noting the fact he’s been writing and rhyming since 14 it’s no surprise! Super solid one here from JK-47.

Eleea – Wasting Time

Another stellar song from the Gold Coast, this song is indie-roots to it’s core! ELEEA’s voice is captivating and keeps you holding on for the entire ride. I’m also getting a drift of some bluesy undertones, with distant whistling sounds and those acoustic guitars! Such a gorgeous release from ELEEA, perfect to warm us up over these winter times.

Selve – Friend

It’s a fusion of genre’s here – I’m sensing some psychedelic rock, alt rock, and at times I even get a coastal flair as well! Loki’s aching vocals are on show throughout the 3.26 tune, dipping and diving effortlessly with the change in genres. The layered guitar riffs are fun and always hiding around a corner, waiting for us to jump in and dance.  Can’t wait until live music venues are open again and we can all groove along to the funky synth sounds which are also hidden in this track too!

Becca Hatch 

From the ringing guitar and staccato hits, this song has the bones of a solid groove. Becca’s backing vocal harmonies and boss pre chorus accompanying that phat bass is just lush. I am obsessed with this arrangement and the sass spattered  throughout. I wanna be on your block, Becca, it’s dope.

Alice Skye – Grand Ideas

I think my favourite thing about Alice’s music has always been the sincerity in her vocals, her tone is just so undeniably warm and really lets you focus on the lyrics in its purest form. It’s almost as if Spring season has arrived and cherry blossoms have started to bloom in my heart when I listen to Alice sing.  You just can’t help but fall absolutely in love from the first note. This new release ‘Grand Ideas’ is an absolute progressive jam that makes you want to move to the pumping drums and bounce along to Alice’s fluttering vocals. Her vocal performance in this is so beautifully delicate yet incredibly soulful, especially as the 2nd chorus hits and opens up her vocal range. Also the performance and the entirety of this music video is so stunning!! 

The Merindas – I Feel It

Oooh, someone just turned up the soul and I FEEL it! What a smooth, cool, funky track from The Merindas, aka, Candice Lorrrae and Kristel Kickett. The catchy chorus in this song is so full of spirit and reminds me of the effortless cool of soulful 1990’s R&B. This is a gorgeous taste of the Merindas’ debut album We Sing Until Sunrise and I cannot WAIT to see what else the girls give us because if they can cram in hip hop, R&B, soul and electro pop into just one song, there’s no telling how much they can mix into a whole album!

A Tribe Called Red – Land Back Ft. Boogey The Beat & Northern Voice

Did someone say TUNE? This track starts off strong and is consistent throughout. Land Back goes hard and incorporates unique vocals with a steady, punchy beat. The song is dedicated in support of the Wet’suwet’en nation and to the First Nations lead movements across Turtle Island and beyond, and it definitely is a song that can help represent a movement.

Kee’ahn – Better Things

Gorgeous debut track from Kee’ahn with Better Things. You might recognise her voice from featuring on other amazing artist DRMGNOW’s tracks. Her vocals take you away on this track and who doesn’t love some horns on a song. The single is off her upcoming album ‘In Full Bloom’, so stay tuned.

Kobie Dee – Still Standing

A solid track from Gamilaroi artist Kobie Dee, released earlier this year on Invasion Day. ‘Still Standing’ is a heartfelt track that discusses the Stolen Generation, January 26 and challenges experienced by First Nations people. The piano loop on this track and the vocals from Liyah Knight give the song a beautiful brightness contrasted against the hard hitting bars from Kobie Dee.

Lucky Luke – Dispossessed 

Some raw storytelling on this track from Lucky Luke out of North West Queensland. The beauty of music is it provides a way for people to express their experiences in a creative way, and this is a great example of that. 


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Written by Selin Kaya, Riley Geary-Goodwin, Salomae Haselgrove, Peta Petidis and Nathan Wong

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