Hoist Weekly Roundup (29/4/2020)


On the lookout for new local music for your daily iso club at home?

Each week on The Hoist, our team of local music lovers pick 5 of their favourite tracks

Here are some of the tracks Peta and Riley are loving right now!

Peta’s TOP 5  

Flimsey Lohan – Jimi In The Mazda

Jazzy bad bad not good meets koi child with that angsty Aussie rap and groove. The piano jumps in the chorus play with the depth of the vocals. This truly is a ride in the car jam. 

Parcels – Redline

Yeah hey, I love this band. Like borderline obsessed. Saw them three times last year and this prelude always slapped. The pulsing bass hits like a strobe and it’s got me bursting with ‘OMG I LOVE THIS ONE’ moments. Miss live shows sah much. 

Intaloopa – Memories In Blue

The perfect backdrop to our covid vintage gaming obsessions. Whether you’re in a Mario Galaxy or grand theft mood, the spacey synth and percussion is energetic and perfect for focussed console fun. 

Meiwa – Waiting

A bit of an older track but the soft plucking and floating harmonious sighs wrap me up. This whimsical journeying of the song takes you in. I can see the world Meiwa is painting and I love it.

Laura Hyde – Bliss

Hey vocal dips and soars are gorgeous. A stripped back tune with a lot of power. Laura is a pop master and I’m ready for her queenie crowning.

Riley’s Top 5  

e4444e – Wind Nocturne

From Newcastle-based bedroom-pop artist e4444e, the track is the follow-up to recent single “Wolves”. The synths on this track remind me of one of the organ settings on the electric keyboard I had as a kid, in the best way possible. This is paired with floaty vocals that take you through the track until the halfway mark. The track gains a bit of oomph and builds up with some layered vocals and punchy drums. The single will appear on the album Coldstream Road out June 12.

Convenience Store – Right Here

This track opens with a Mac Demarco-esque guitar strum that instantly draws you in. The Melbourne three-piece’s new track contains some dreamy vocals and hints of psychedelica. Its that type of sound that gives you the feeling of a lazy Sunday morning the sun peeking through your blinds. If you are a fan of King Krule and his vocals, then this band will definitely be up your alley. 

DMA’S – The Glow

This track has an uplifting feel to it that feels just right for the times we are in, which is a good side from the DMA’s. The DMA’S stick to their classic Brit-rock sound on this track and its what makes them veers popular both here and overseas. The steady beat and the spacey guitars drive you through the song and alongside the solid vocals make you want singalong…loud. 

WAAX – Pool Party

When. Worlds. Collide. This is such a good cover moment. The difference in sound from the original track by the wonderful Julia Jacklin is lovely, not too far from that well-loved track, but definitely a new perspective and that signature WAAX sound. Who would’ve thought we needed a harder version of Pool Party. Not me. But we have it now, and I think we should all enjoy it. 

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice – Super Speedy Zipper Whipper

How can you not want to listen to a song with a name like that? This song is short and sweet at 2 minutes long, super speedy you could say, and opens the 4 track release. It captures a Franz Ferdinand sound in the vocals and guitars with an Aussie rock sound on this track which is super cool, it takes you back a bit. Along with the other songs released a few days ago, it is a good gift to us all at this time.

Written by Peta Petidis & Riley Geary Goodwin

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