Hoist Weekly Roundup (5/5/2020)

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Looking for new music to take you on a groovy journey?

Each week on The Hoist, our team of local music enthusiast pick 5 tracks they’re absolutely loving!

Here are some of the tracks Selin and Courtney are loving!

Selin’s TOP 5 

Spacey Jane – Straightfaced

It’s a slower, more heartbreaking start from these guys – with Caleb’s poetic nature really showing through in the lyrics, which in a statement said that the song is about a six-month long break up. “And in that light I am so dark // I pour out love but you can’t see”. Falling out of love hurts, and so does this track. The undertones of melodic pop guitar still guides the song into Spacey Jane territory, with the ending making me feel all kinds of ways. Another stunning song from their upcoming album – keep ya ears peeled!

Maddy Jane – Femme

Staying on brand here, it’s Bruny Island’s Maddy Jane with ‘Femme’, off of her debut album (eeeeeeekkkk!!)

I have had this one on repeat ever since its release day. The melancholic guitar at the beginning will invite you to stay a little longer and listen to what Maddy Jane has to say. It’s an incredibly moving message of hope and endurance for women everywhere, with Maddy’s signature rock attitude shining brightly through the lyrics. “I’m not trying to be // I’m just being” Ahhh. Say it again for the people in the back! Totally obsessed, it’s a new anthem for me.

The Buoys – Wah

Dry your eyes and get ready to dance because things are getting wild here with Sydney’s indie punk rockers The Buoys, with their new track ‘Wah’!

 It’s a very quick 1:49 tune from these punk-rockin gals, and on hearing it for the first time ‘Wah’ is the perfect word to describe it. It’s another kick-in-the-face to stereotypical gender roles, which I’m digging. The only critique I have is that I wish it went for longer! I can imagine this one would be so incredibly fun live, really feeling the urgency here. Go girls go!

Wing Defence – Weapons

Up next is a killer tune from Adelaide’s Wing Defence, with their new song ‘Weapons’.

If you’re into Heaps Good Friends and Ruby Fields, this one is for you! It’s a promising start with an unforgiving drum beat leading the track. The duel vocals matched with fuzzy guitar sounds dive into new worlds for Wing Defence. It’s a perfect track for late night drives with friends, nodding in solidarity to the vulnerable moments which are so effortlessly coming through. Super solid from these gals!

RVG – Christian Neurosurgeon

My last track is a song from RVG’s new album. It’s called ‘Christian Neurosurgeon’ and yes it’s as great as it sounds. It’s even got drilling sounds adorned throughout (uh, yeah, say no more!)

 RVG recorded the album’s instrumentals live to track – which sets their sound out from the rest. This track reminds me of Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett – the vocals delivered in such an animated form. The warmness of the guitar hooks makes me dream of those sun-kissed Australian summers, in a weird yet fitting way. Love love this one + their new album!

Courtney’s TOP 5 

Ocean Alley- Hot Chicken

These reggae rock gods never disappoint with their sultry riffs and Baden Donegals husky vocals. The fourth single of their new album set to be released soon highlights a more mature sound being adopted and showcases the growth the band has achieved over their already extremely successful time in the spotlight. The song details a struggle with a vice and fighting to stay in control but despite the darker message, the lighter musicality of the track does not directly reveal the deeper message at first listen.


 Okay, I’m calling it. This is not just a song, it’s an immersive experience. 

Do yourself a favour and throw on a pair of noise cancelling headphones and float away into the abyss with this track. BRONSON is the genius brain-child of two massive artists in Golden Features and Odesza. The opening beats almost mimic the beating of a heart as we fall into the embrace of the soothing tones of Lau.ra, enlightening us about risking a friendship for love and wanting to risk it all for the instant gratification.

Hannah Frances- Wolf

This debut one from the Melbournian songstress is the perfect mix of folk and soft rock. Her voice carries the notes to effortless highs whilst maintaining a sweet soothing tone.  The lyrics tell a story of being deceived by a “Wolf who wears sheep’s clothes” and being made to feel like a fool. I could listen to this girl sing all day long, definitely one to watch in the future!

Great Gable- All My Friends

A relatively new one but had to pick because it was such a tune! This song from the WA outfit has a beautiful, almost adolescent  innocence to it, embracing the excitement of a young love and wanting to shout it from the rooftops. The themes of the song will take you back through the nostalgia of your first teenage love affair. It also reflects on the balance of loyalties that relationships can influence, with friends and partners. The lightness of the guitars makes it an easy listen, reminiscent of an early wombats track, love it!

Azure Ryder- Dizzy

With a voice as stunning as her name this fresh one from Azure Ryder absolutely blows my mind! The lyrics of her latest song seem to flow with such ease, trickling like sweet honey. 

I interpret this song as a woman acknowledging that she needs to take risks to move forward in life and the downs that she experiences makes the highs feel much more valuable, a message that resonates especially with myself and women of my age, still navigating paths in life.

Such a cruisy and chilled out song, perfect to relax to after a long day of iso, this woman makes our hearts dizzy!

Written by Courtney Whitelaw & Selin Kaya