Hoist Weekly Roundup w/Courtney + Selin

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Looking for brand new music to boogie along to in the kitchen??

Each week on The Hoist, our team of local music lovers dive into brand new local releases they’re loving to share with the world!

Here’s Selin and Courtney’s favourite local releases this week!


Selin’s Favourite Tracks: 

Alula Blue – Howler

Hey Tunesday mates, how’s it hangin?! It’s Sel here, and for my first track of the night I’ve chosen Alula Blue’s ‘Howler’.

Stemming from our bustling live music hub of Brisbane, this four-piece have brought a new meaning to the genre of indie roots. The lonesome, heart-breaking guitar riffs are definitely a stand out for this song, with Jaiden’s buttery smooth vocals a calming cherry on top of this indie-roots tune. Their diverse range of influences really come into play here, noting their versatility and relatability. Really dig this one!

Mersey Sports Club – Twenty Four Seven

Next up is the first release from Adelaide’s Mersey Sports Club, ‘Twenty Four Seven’

 This is a promising start from the indie punk rockers, who are really delving into worlds of new-age Australian grunge here. I’m getting early Verge Collection vibes here mixed with some Tiny Little House lyrical wizardry. It’s meaningful and nostalgic with Lachlan’s vocals really shining through towards the end, and displays the potential for Mersey Sports Club to keep building upon their sound and nurture it. Can’t wait to see what is next in store for these guys.

Mal de Mar – Smile

The eggs are served sunny side up in Perth, presumably due to Mal de Mar’s alt-funk track, ‘Smile’

 Let’s get groovy! Saskia’s vocals have the perfect amount of Australiana twang to them, with her velvety-smooth tones coming through seamlessly in this one. There’s some funky bass lines which are also prominent, followed closely behind with tight guitar hooks and simmering hi-hats. It’s an indie funk party and EVERYONE is invited!!! Perfect for iso-party moments.

Becca Hatch – Girl Like Me

Another killer release in 2020 from Becca Hatch is ‘Girl Like Me’. That’s two from two for Sydney’s dance electronic star.

You won’t be able to believe that Becca is still a teenager after hearing this one – it’s mature yet fun and upbeat. Although the pace is quick, Becca’s vocals matched with some bass breakdowns really slow it down, allowing for this track to cruise into calm, soothing waters. I can imagine listening to this with the sun setting in the background. Gorgeous stuff!

Taylah Carroll – I’m Not Sold

If you’re into Julia Jacklin and Angie McMahon, Melbourne’s Taylah Caroll is for you, with her new track ‘I’m Not Sold’ for my last pick of the night. 

Taylah’s vulnerable vocals lead the way with this song, they’re delicate yet powerful. Her lyrics are definitely a stand-out feature of the song, detailing, “I want colour but I just see grey,” – as Taylah raises issues of anxiety and self-assuredness in a quarter-life crisis. The array of instruments and vocals at 2.55 make me feel everything that Taylah is and more. Lovely lonely tune fresh out of Melb, the lovely lonely city.


Courtney’s Favourite Tracks:

RVG- Perfect Day

A new one from Melbourne’s own, This is a fabulously upbeat track, it reminds me of a road trip song, talks about having too much going on right now mentally but still having a perfect day, a very poignant relevance to our lives at the moment. The joyful guitar riff and drums make you want to sway to the beat and enjoy the infectious positivity of the song.

DMAs- Life Is A Game Of Changing

The track opens with a different vibe to a lot of their previous tracks, a bit of an electronic vibe along other textures, faster beats alongside the lyrics. Their familiar sound kicks in into the chorus to Tommy O’Dells signature twang. The song is lighter on lyrics and focuses more heavily on a fusion with their previous stuff to a more centric focus on a retro rave vibe, there is lots of light and shade within this track about pivoting through life and adapting to life’s changes.

The Stroppies- Burning Bright 

This Melbourne grown group has hit the nail on the head with this fresh one. This track has such a fun folky undertone about it, differing to their jangly pop sound and  is a lovely track to have some chill time to. It feels like a song about a building connection between friends that could be something more but one person stops them from “ burning bright”. The scenes for the music video accompanying this song were filmed and edited in iso! What a way to be productive.

Planet Vegeta- Mai Elle

This new one is out of the planet!

This is a very different pick from the rest this week but this one from the Sydney hip hop/R&B could not be ignored. This up and high energy track, includes many varying textures in the beat, including some guitar strums, some drum pad sequences along fast pace lyrics detailing a power struggle in a relationship and staying independent and maintaining your own autonomy.

 Written by Selin Kaya and Courtney Whitelaw