Hoist Weekly Roundup w/Courtney and Selin

Hey! Do you love fresh new local music?
Each week on The Hoist, our team dives into some of their favourite juicy new local discoveries they’re loving.


Here are Courtney and Selin’s favourite local releases:



MARLOE.- Secrets

The only word that can be used to describe this track is BEAUTIFUL.

The soulful piano throughout is accompanied by a gentle and sweet set of vocals. This is a song about love and longing, and being lost in the familiarity and comfort of someone we love. The stripped back nature of the track allows listeners to truly engage with the message of the sweet serenade.

Kota Banks – Italiana

Tanto Amore for this tune! Banks pays tribute to her Italian heritage throughout with the track opening with the sounds of a more classical Italian song to be played in a wine bar in Milan, making a swift change into a belting beat and quick rhymes guaranteed to get you dancing. Her quick rhymes also consist of some fire lines like “I need the rich sauce I don’t need a rich man. This song won’t only make you hungry for some Italian cuisine but it definitely reminds us of the feminist kween that she is!

DRESS CODE- Plans for you

Iso means that a lot of us don’t have plans…I’ll tell you what, DRESS CODE is here with some plans for you.

The Adelaide quartet’s latest single is as dreamy as their past works, about finding your missing piece and a soul mate, tuning into their candy-like, lighthearted pop rock roots. It’s a song about feeling alive when you’re with your love, painting the picture of a youthful romance, just having fun and revelling in the company your chosen person. Can’t wait to see what else these guys might have in store for the future!

The Rubens- Heavy Weather

A brand spanking new one from some classic favourites.

Opening the number with brassy tones leading into a rousing beat. The song details dealing with hard times and being resilient and getting back up when being knocked down, a super relevant reminder during these challenging times we are in now. The brass part sounds almost triumphant in its uplifting tones, a good one to add to a running or morning playlist to get you up and empowered!

Spit Chewy- After Party

This is belter gives off the vibes of a surf rock track which we lurveeee! Makes me wanna go and frolic on the beach! (Obviously not until social isolation is over). Such a fun track, these young guns are firing all cylinders with their new EP, Home Videos. Check it out!


Pacific Avenue – My Hero 

Hey Tunesday friends, welcome back to season 2! Sel here, let’s kick things off with indie rock four piece Pacific Avenue with “My Hero.” 

A catchy guitar hook starts the track, and distant vocals begin which really sets the scene of an early 90’s Australian rock band. I’m thinking a mix of Powderfinger, Jet, and Silverchair. This song has got the perfect amount of NSW coastal charm, with Harry’s vocals guiding the listener through all those fleeting feelings. Love this one! 

Honey Hills – Never Won 

Can the coast of NSW do any harm? I’m starting to think not, with “Never Won” by Honey Hills really getting this indie rock party started. 

It’s a strong grungey start for the Newcastle rockers, which is matched with a quick pace and beginning. Austin’s feelings of desperation and exhaustion are really prominent in this one, as the lyrics make mention of restless nights playing endless waiting games. A really powerful, emotive track from these guys! 

Bluey – Everyone Hates Me In My Dreams

Up next I’ve chosen one a little quieter, so sink back into your beanbag and soak up the soothing sounds of Bluey’s track, “Everybody Hates Me In My Dreams” 

After previous indie rock efforts with IV League, Lachie Gilmour presents us with his new solo project, Bluey. A self-described genre as bedroom pop is incredibly fitting here, as this song is so lovely and light with flowing water sounds and other white noises reminiscent of late nights drifting off to sleep. So beautiful yet so sad. I’m crying, thanks Bluey!

Concrete Surfers – Never Understood 

Let’s get punked with Concrete Surfer’s, “Never Understood”. 

Straight outta Brisbane, these guys have created a killer track here. I feel like this one would be so sweet to see live, as the chorus is simply too good to not be yelled in unison. It’s layered with crunchy guitar sounds and coastal vocals. It’s like a dream where Hockey Dad and Violent Soho come together and write until their hearts content. On repeat! 

Teenage Joans – Three Leaf Clover 

For my last pick let’s cross the SA border and listen to all things Teenage Joans, “Three Leaf Clover”. 

It’s a pop punk fantasy from Cahli and Tahlia, with no stone left unturned, with strangely guitars and clean vocals leading the track into worlds unseen before. It’s melancholic and relevant and I’m digging it. The bar is lifted and I don’t see it coming back down anytime soon for these two punk rockers, can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store!

 Written by Courtney Whitelaw & Selin Kaya
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