Hoist Weekly Roundup w/Peta & Riley


Ready for a groovy lineup of new local music?!

Here at The Hoist Peta and Riley have gathered a large variety of groovy new local tracks they have been loving!!

Here are some of the tracks they are grooving along to:



The Belafontes- Tired 

The husband and wife duo have just had a bub so I am MUY impressed with their ability to pump out a full-bodied EP – the rest of Desk Job is a belter. This song ironically pumps in the background during my working hours. It’s just a subtle reminder that WFH can still be a harp and a half. 

Beatnik Collective- Peer Pressure 

2019 was a very busy year for Beatnik. They played multiple gigs each week and redefined their ensemble. Bummed that I couldn’t see them support for First Beige due to #rona – Peer Pressure is a gift from the contemporary Jazz godz. A redefining accompaniment to LA’s Sam Gendel on sax. What a triumph of a collaboration. The man went to school with Louis Cole and jams with Ezra Koenig. Dayum.

Ghost Bumps- Spacesuit 

This song’s ultra playful and whimsical, it’ll literally make you feel like a bored and unstimulated astronaut floating aimlessly through space. Just go home dawg, ya shouldn’t be out! Home aside, Ghost Bumps are an alt-rock group I’m aching to catch when gigs startup again. If you’re a Sunfruits and Babe Rainbow fab you’ll dig. 

spacesuit   LISTEN HERE: Ghost Bumps- Spacesuit

Sophie Edwards- Early Bird

Early bird is such an honest and heartfelt retelling of that moment you realise you need to stop crushing hard for an egotistical loser. There are singing birds, violins and Gus Gus running across the piano keys. It’s a pretty coming-of-age moment that has grittiness with the personalised imperfections of Sophie’s Aussie accented vocals. Just lovely. 

 Yuto ft. Julia Lostrom – Tell Me 

The Yuto brothers weave together pop with RnB so delicately with this song. Simple elements and percussive pulses that amplify the heck out of Jess’s insane control. If Flume and FKJ had a bebeh it’d be this track and I want to be the godmother.



KYVA – Dollar Signs

KYVA delivers some Dev Hynes sounds with their new single. The track is groovy whilst equally being a bit melancholy. The song paints a picture of riding a bike at dusk by the beach. The soothing vocals guide you through the song over the rolling synth beats. 

Airline Food – When I Was Young

The new single from Perth band Airline Food hits the spot. You can definitely tell they are a Perth band, they just have that “sound”, that good “sound” that Perth bands have. The wavy psychedelic nature of the track combines that current-day indie, with the old school psych-rock and a pinch of 80s synth vibe to create a wonderful music cocktail. Whilst listening, it reminds me of MGMT circa Little Dark Age, so if you’re into that, you’ll be into this track.

FLOSSY – The Mess You Made

Perth duo FLOSSY’s new track packs some aggression under the catchy melody. The upbeat track has gorgeous harmonising and fuzzy guitar contrast against the emotional lyrics, something the indie rock genre is oh, so good at doing. FLOSSY give me big 90s rock girl band vibes and in my books, that’s always a positive. 

SULT – Gaslight

My brain instantly thought of Killing Heidi when I first I heard this song. SULT is a duo from Wollongong that pair a gorgeous sound with heavy lyrics for the second single. The band have said they’re “not afraid to talk about things that people say women shouldn’t”. This song explores some important themes whilst embracing and indie-pop sound. Keeping eyes peeled for anything else they have to gift listeners ears with.


Alt Fiction – All My Friends

If you to escape into a dream reality from this isolation reality then Alt Fiction’s new track is for you. The scenario of you on the beach with your mates may seem out of reach right now but this track can help you imagine it. The Queensland trio’s debut single has that indie sound that many people love and with a beachy theme it’s destined to be a good listen for many Aussies at the moment.

Written by Peta Petidis & Riley Geary Goodwin