Hoist Weekly Roundup w/Salomae + Emily-Layne


Looking for new music to add to your daily routine?

Each week on The Hoist, our team dives into 5 local tracks they’re grooving along to and loving!

Here are the new local tracks Salomae and Emily-Layne are loving!



Last Dinosaurs – Flying

Last Dinosaurs has taken a new road with Flying and we’re absolutely vibing. The track is a mix of French House and 90s-inspired nu disco with some synths you could find typically in low-fi music. It’s a unique hybrid of punchy and glittery all while simultaneously making me want to dance. 

Kira Puru – Idiot

It’s been a hot minute since Kira Puru dropped a track but boy I’m glad we waited because this track is worth every minute. Idiot goes from strength to strength, starting with the light and clicky instrumental that gives us the first taste, all the way to the powerhouse ending wishing we could go “round again” and repeat for another party. 

St. South – Growing Up

I discovered St. South earlier this year when I first heard her track ‘Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud’ and the track was like an inner monologue for me. This track is much the same. Growing Up is ambient and flowy and makes me feel nostalgic and content. If you’re a St South regular or even if you’ve never heard her music before you should go and listen to this one now; Do it. 

Nicole Millar – I should probably go to therapy

I should probably go to therapy is almost the follow up to Millar’s earlier 2018 release ‘All My Issues’. The track’s production is glitchy and brooding, reminiscent of Charli XCX and unlike anything I’ve heard from Millar in the past. It’s also direct and personal with lyrics like “I should probably go and get dressed. Get out of my bed, ’cause I’m a mess right now.”

Bananagun – People Talk Too Much

Honestly, put a brass instrument in any track and I am sold. People Talk Too Much is energetic, bright and funky. It’s a song that gets you moving, believe me, I found myself writing absolute gibberish only because I felt like I just had to move while listening. The track sits at 6 minutes and 42 seconds, but it flies so quickly that you just have to replay the song over and over to make sure you’ve captured all its grooviness. 



Archer – Empty Space

My first review for this week is a super, dooper special one because this beautiful release from last Friday is by none other than my amazingly talented co-host Emily-Layne, aka Archer. 

All personal bias aside, Empty Space is so delightfully smooth and utilises many great ocean analogies, which as a fellow water baby (or is that sea witch) I LOVE.

Archer’s lyrical journey on Empty Space is that, a journey, that is so heart wrenching yet so full of hope, e.g. “guess you never wanted me in the way that I wanted / but I’m sure we’ll meet again / without ever knowing when.”

The soulful, emotive vocals and effortlessly mellow electro-pop beats of Empty Space feel like a seaside holiday lullaby to the end of a long day.

Down For Tomorrow – Emily

Okay, I’m seeing a theme here, I should just call this week’s review compilation “songs for Emily”. 

You may have heard me spin this one on Moshpit last Thursday and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since then!

First off, THOSE DRUMS kick off the song, preparing you for three and a half minutes (or near enough) of good old fashioned crunchy Aussie indie rock.

This then builds into the angsty, anthem-like chorus that is bound to get heads banging as soon as this whole isolation thing is over with.

If you like the intense riffs, big lead guitar build ups of bands like Violent Soho, Dear Seattle and LOSER, be sure to check this one out.

Sunday Avenue – How To Impress

This super groovy track from Sunday Avenue gives me massive Client Liaison vibes with that 80’s synth and cool bass line that keeps on chuggings along as vocalist Cory Jones sings “I really want to impress you” (spoiler alert; you ARE with this song!)

The pretty melodies, constant drums and simplistic, honest lyrics are funky as all heck and a modern pop/dance lover’s dream.

Lana Dodd – I Know

Lana Dodd takes the saying “writing from the heart” to a new level with I Know, I’m absolutely blown away by the 19 year old’s raw integrity.

The sheer emotion and intelligence evident in both Dodd’s lyrics and voice hit you right in the feels and genuinely gives me shivers. The backing strings and beat complement the song beautifully, letting Lana’s soulful voice take centre stage and take you on a three and a half minute journey of pain, passion and victory.

The Go Set – A Letter To My Government

The opening track of the Melbourne folk punk’s latest EP Of Bright Futures released last Friday is a fun way to kick off an EP full of what these guys are all about; combining the classic sounds of multiple genres perfectly.

Within this track we hear hints of emo, punk, Irish folk, indie rock and probably more I’ve missed all rolled into just two and a half minutes, featuring instruments from your usual guitar/bass/drums to the less conventional bagpipes and accordion for a truly folky feel.

Then there’s the lyrics, which kick off the tone for the EP’s theme, a brighter future for our children, a firm yet subtle warning to “whom it may concern”.

It pushes the boundaries, its genre defying yet it keeps it so simple and delightful to the ear.


Written by Salomae Haselgrove & Emily-Layne Kapetanov