Hoist Weekly Roundup w/Salomae + Emily-Layne

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Need new music to add to your daily playlist??

Each week on The Hoist, our team of local music lovers dive into some of their favourite new local releases they’re grooving along to and adoring!

Here’s Salomae and Emily-Layne’s favourite new local tracks:



Columbus – Out of Time

Hello Columbus, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. I mean not really, your last single was literally in November but I just wanted to pay homage to your opening line.

This is probably my favourite Columbus release to date. The little lead run through the whole song is so damn floaty and happy and it gives me serious early 2000’s Blink 182 (aka, the best era of Blink 182) vibes.

The thing I love most about Columbus songs is the hope they hold, even when covering themes of heartbreak and hardship, there is always a promise of something brighter up ahead and it keeps pushing you forward, Out of Time is no exception to this, it’s definitely the release needed at the end of a long, hard week last Thursday!

High Tropics – Scars

This psychedelic, cruisey retro-pop sounds exactly like you would expect an artist called High Tropics to sound, it is so damn relaxing and satisfying to the ear.

With Empire of the Sun-esque sounding vocals, flowy keyboards, effortlessly cool bass line and coming-of-age lyrics, Scars is such easy listening to take you back to chilled days by the beach as those of us in Melbourne slowly freeze to death.

With relatable lyrics like opener  “I’ve been running all my life/I’ve been trying to make things right” and  “I’ve been working overtime/I’ve been trying to get what’s mine, this should become a Millennial/Gen Z anthem, only cooler.

Abby Bella May – ice cream

Yes, I would really love to get some ice cream, Abby Bella May, especially if it tastes as dreamy as this track sounds.

My first impression of this wistful pop princess was if Mallrat, Vera Blue and Billie Eilish all collided for the most delicious neapolitan (see what I did there) collab ever, but with a more classic Aussie beachy vibe.

This track is youthful, sweet and liberating, i can’t wait to see what else Abby Bella May comes up with, because this this is far from vanilla (I promise to stop with the ice cream analogies now)

Jaguar Jonze – Rising Sun

Is there a better mood setter for a brand spanking new EP than Jaguar Jonze’s Rising Sun? No there is not. 

I cannot think of a better snapshot to show what this luscious lady is all about to settle in new and existing listeners alike. It’s dramatic yet cool and her voice sounds full of melancholy yet oh so silky smooth and rich.

If you love the dramatics of Nick Cave, the smoky voice of Angie McMahon and the synthy psych of Methyl Ethyl, this one is for you!

Greta Stanley – Soak Into This

To top off my girl power theme I seem to have inadvertently gone with this week is this one from Greta.

It was released back in March so its not new new, but I am late to the party here and in LOVE. My first thought when I heard it was it should be in the opening scene of a movie (then again in the end credits). It has that sound of being motivating and the promise of one heck of a story and would really suit a montage of someone walking through a schoolyard/city/landscape, you name it, it just works.

Then there’s Greta’s vocals themselves, woaaah. If you only listen to one bit of this song, fast forward to 2:20 to sus her range. The little ah ahs are so soft, gentle and sweet but the “let’s stick together’s” are full of the strength I needed to get me through this gloomy Monday. 10/10 for motivation.


Emily-Layne’s TOP 5 

D’Arcy Spiller – Deep Black Sea

All I could think when listening to this one was how well partnered the twangy tremolo-esk guitar and D’Arcy Spiller’s vocals are. They create a sense of longing and nostalgia, and when the chorus breaks through it’s almost as if you’re floating away on a wide expanse of ocean. 

Death By Denim – Jump To Mars

The newest drop from the Perth based four-piece is an intergalactic experience of sorts. The glittery layering of guitar, synths and vocals is what I’d imagine modern David Bowie would sound like. It’s impossible not to reference the journey this song takes you on, it’s not merely about just the ‘Jump To Mars’ but the whole trip. 

Hartley – Feel Too Much

This little number dropped on May 1st and really pushes the boundaries of what you’d consider as pop. It features layers of dark and brooding instrumentals topped off with Hartly’s unapologetic vocals breaking through the darkness of the track and dancing in perfect harmony. From the droplet of water that pierces the track on “my words turn to water” to the deep vocal chopping at the end of the track – everything feels so deliberate and works in every sense and on every layer. 

The Buoys – Wah

If you’re in the need for a quick head bang, look no further than this one. It’s a tiny one minute package of explosion and energy – almost like one of those birthday cards that sprays confetti out when you open it. It’s intense and exactly what anyone needs when they just need to yell at society about being “another number”. 

Kyle Lionhart – Dream It Right

I’ve become familiar with Kyle Lionhart’s tracks over the years and they all share the same sense of warmth and home, no matter the subject discussed in the song. Dream It Right is no different, sharing heartfelt and personal lyrics back by a percussive and vocally driven instrumental. It’s that right amount of sensitive and soft while simultaneously being driven and full of strengths. 

Written by Salomae Haselgrove & Emily-Layne Kapetanov