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Weekly Roundup 1 Salomae x Emily

Love New Local Music? Well you’re at the right place!!

Each week on The Hoist, our team picks 5 BRAND NEW local tracks to dive into and express how much they adore them.

Here are some local tracks Salomae and Emily-Layne are loving right now!


SALOMAE’s Top 5 

Bugs – Can’t Get Enough

I just can’t get enough of the new track from Bugs. Bad dad jokes aside, this Brissy 3-piece literally put the sunshine in the Sunshine State with yet another infectious release to back up last year’s album Self Help. It’s cheeky, it’s fun and you’ll be singing along in no time.


This new track from RAAVE TAPES is an absolute BOP and it’s absolutely perfect for your isolation workouts! Red Flag is upbeat, energetic and motivating with its dark yet light synths guiding you through and even an encouraging “get up, get up!” or two to push you through that last set! No red flags here, this one’s a beauty.

PSTCRDS – Change & Grow

I am loving Change & Grow by PSTCRDS because I am a sucker for anything from Newcastle. My personal geographical bias aside, lovers of loud riffs, fast drums and wailing alt punk/emo vocals, this one is for you! I love the constantly changing pace that keeps you guessing as to what part is a chorus and which is a verse, then the familiar chorus coming back at the end to bring it home.

Pacific Avenue – My Hero

Playing to my love of coastal theme songs is Pacific Avenue with My Hero. This track makes me nostalgic for summer road trips already with its cruisey verses guided by light Jet-esque vocal harmonies which crescendo at the chorus; “you could be my hero, if you’d only remember my name/you could be my hero, bring the sun to my cloudy day”. SO HEARTFELT, ENRIQUE WHO!?

Mia Rodriguez – Psycho

How can something sound so cute yet so menacing!? Mia Rodriguez has done it with her new track Psycho. Mia’s quirky dark pop is suspenseful and mixes sounds of indie and pop with poetic lyrics throughout and that catchy “no no no” hook. Her voice ranges from Kate Miller-Heidke high notes to Billie Eilish-esque alt pop mumbles, while bringing a sweetness that’s entirely her own. 



Allday – OTT

Allday did not disappoint with his first solo track of the year. OTT features crunchy and metallic percussion accompanied by a rather lovely piano. You would think these two sounds wouldn’t go together however it seems like Allday’s voice is the glue that pulls it all in. The track is cohesive and relaxing – something you could almost find in a low-fi playlist but the punchy vocals is what keeps you grooving. 

Lime Cordiale – On Our Own

This track is not only wonderful in its own sense but came with the announcement of their second album which is scheduled for release on July 10. On our own highlights a topic which seems to be quite relatable considering the current climate. The track is sparkly, clean-cut and distinctly Lime Cordiale. It’s making us feel all jittery for the album. 

Hockey Dad – In This State

If you were upset about the pushing back of the next Hockey Dad album, don’t fret because the boys are keeping your HD fill satisfied by dropping this fresh track. The new track had big shoes to fill after Itch dropped earlier this year and it sure makes the perfect follow up. The chords are edgy and somewhat discordant with Gary’s vocals breaking through the percussion and guitars to deliver an all round outstanding track from the dads. 

Pipin – Growing Pains

Pipin dropped this new one on April 16th and by golly its a daydream. Her ethereal vocals waft over twangy 80s synths with the perfect kick drum to assist the track. It’s only her 2nd track ever but she is definitely on to keep on the radar. 

The Lazy Eyes – Tangerine

The bass line hits you hard but not as hard as the psychedelic guitar that hits you next. Tangerine is sprinkled with that perfect amount of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard influence while also being in a lane of its own. The Lazy Eyes’ second release is distinctly different from their first but keeps us captivated to the same extent. 

Written by Salomae Haselgrove & Emily-Layne Kapetanov


Salomae Haselgrove & Emily-Layne Kapetanov

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