Home and Away teen star in hospital with brain injury

Credit: Olivia Deeble, Instagram.

Home and Away star Olivia Deeble is fairly crook at the moment.

The 16-year-old actress, who plays Raffy Morrison on the Channel Seven soap, is recovering in hospital with a brain injury.

“I’m fairly crook at the moment and have been to hospital a couple of times but slowly improving,” Deeble wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself sleeping in a hospital bed.

“I won’t be on social media a lot due to the fact I’m sleeping like 12 hours a day but wanted to let you all know I’m still here and am trying to get better as soon as possible,” she added.

Deeble said she hit her head and was concussed with swelling to her brain.

It is unknown when and where she suffered her brain injury.

Deeble thanked fans for their support, before taking a cheeky jab at her mum.

“Thanks for the constant support love you all lots x (also thanks mum for taking photos of me passed out…).”

Get well soon Olivia!

Image Credit: Olivia Deeble, Instagram.