HOUSE OF SYN – Work Experience Day 1

  Hello all! This is JJK checking in for my first work experience blog at SYN! Today, after finally locating my placement’s entrance, I entered SYN for the first time and met Kristina (my work experience go-to It has been quite an interesting day for me. After all, I was inducted into a new work environment that is fun, low key, but still professional in nature. I also discovered that I was not the only work experience student attending SYN for the week. There was another boy there called Karl who was also in year 10 and with whom I would be spending much of my time with.   Naturally, we commenced our epic adventure with a tour of the place and met a few of the staff. We were informed about the role of SYN, its values, what was acceptable to say on the air and reminded about plagiarism. It was made very clear to not say anything defamatory. It was a memorable experience being able to see all of the broadcasting equipment and exciting to think about what we might be doing during the week.  Our first task was a bit of a downer. We spent some time changing broken cases of CDs and wrapping them in bundles. It was discovered quickly that i was no speed demon when it came to changing the cases and quite good at wrapping the bundles. Karl was the complete opposite of me, so we assigned our jobs and worked as a good team.   The next thing on our agenda was a half-hour break, during which I went to Druid’s cafe and bought a quality souvlaki. Mmmmmmmmm! Upon my return a staff meeting began. During this time my understanding of SYN’s operation grew, as I met some other staff members and gained an insight into their respective roles.   After this, I was tasked with creating an account for myself on the SYN website and learning about how the blogging system worked. The final part of the day was by far the best. Karl and I had the privilege of being guests on “Objection”, an hour long program run by 3 other students. I got to spend some time on the air and really enjoyed working in the studio. Today was an interesting experience, I hope the rest of my work experiences goes well also. 


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