HOUSE OF SYN – Work Experience Day 2

The first thing that I’d like to mention is that yesterday I took home a CD called Douchebag Zombie. I would have to say that it was the WORST music I have ever heard, and  that’s what I loved about it. I am by no means complaining, it was free after all. Anyway, day two began with a talk from Kristina about promos. We learnt about what they were and how they fitted into ‘air time’ on the radio. Basically, a promo is a short prerecorded audio clip that promotes something on the radio. My work experience buddy Karl, along with myself of course, then sat down at a computer together and started brainstorming some promos. Naturally, they were promoting SYN. Some were bad, some were worse, but occasionally our brains produced something that might actually sound good on the radio. Some of the more cringeworthy ones included, “SYN Radio, the way to go” and SYN Radio, lets disco”, or something along those lines.After our epic brainstorm we headed over into one of the studios to record them. Kristina introduced us to how to use ‘the panel’ and manipulate the audio equipment necessary. We got through them rather quickly, and as we were left left alone and didn’t know what to do, we did what was logical, and started searching for some sound effects online that we could use to build our promos. Then, it was time for our daily half-hour break! Yes, you guessed it, left the studio and went off to Druids Cafe for a pie and skewer. Upon our return we began the next stage of the promo creation process. One of the men working there (Declan), gave us a quick crash course on how to use adobe audition to edit audio. We then sat down and began to edit. I really enjoyed seeing my promos come together. Actaully, let me rephrase that; I enjoyed seeing the beginning of one of my promos come together. It was great fun and developed some useful skills that might be needed in the future. The next part of day 2 involved walking over to SYN’s filming area, located in a tall building nearby. We were going to have a part in filming a live show being broadcast on Channel 31, which I found quite exciting. After quickly setting up the set for the show the cameras started rolling. I was a bit nervous at first, as I didn’t want to film poorly, but after a few minutes passed I realised that my role as quite easy. I met many nice people there who were all very welcoming and inclusive. It was a unique and rare experience, and I am greatful that SYN offered me this opportunity. At 6 it was pack up time, and I rapidly raced off to my friend’s dad’s work to get a lift to the bands concert that I had to play at. Boy, it really was a busy day!


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