HOUSE OF SYN – Work Experience Day 3

Yes, I know it’s a bit cliché, but I simply have to begin this post by saying, “Wow, my time here at SYN is already half over.” The time has just flown by and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the week has in store for me. Today, the third day of my work experience journey was just great, and now I shall explain why. We started off the day by continuing to work on the promos that we had started yesterday. In total I completed four of these, and I was quite pleased with the result. After Karl and I had finished editing we showed them to Kristina and Declan, who seemed to quite like them. As always, Declan was super-enthusiastic, and we all had a good laugh listening to what we had created. I really enjoyed this activity, it was lots of fun. It was also very educational, as it gave me an opportunity to hone my Adobe Audition skills. I started off slow, but by the end I was pumping the promos out. As I am a creature of habit, during the break, which started at 2:30, I headed on down to Druids Café once again, and purchased a quality pie. Anyway, this is sort of irrelevant to my SYN experience, so I will move on. After we returned we were introduced to ­Eddie, who was taught us how to write news bulletins for radio. We had to find recent news stories on the web and basically summarise them in structured 3-4 sentence paragraphs. I chose a story about Bill Shorten deciding to try and lead the labour party and one about a Jordanian MP firing an automatic assault rifle at another in a session of parliament. Typical Jaeger. Karl and I then discovered that we would actually be reading our stories out on SYN radio! After listening to the four o’clock news read out live in the studio by others we had an idea about what we needed to do. We had until five o’clock to finish writing our stories and rehearse reading them. All of a sudden it was ten to five, and we headed down to the studio. Thankfully we both did a good job of reading our news stories out. I even got to read the weather segment! This was truly an invigorating experience. Although I was a little nervous beforehand, I was fine during the reading. I must thank SYN for giving me this fantastic opportunity, and Eddie for helping Karl and I along the way. Finally, we headed back to the HOUSE OF SYN. Now it was time for the most exciting task of all…ripping CDs. It was a little boring, but I enjoyed myself. It turned out that the discs were to be disposed of once we had ripped them, so we were able to keep what we ripped. This might be of use to me, as the discs I ripped were full of cinematic movie score tracks that could be incorporated into any video, theatre or audio productions that I might make in the future. For some reasons the series was called Future World Music. Once again, I had another great day at SYN, and I can’t wait to come back tomorrow! BYE!!!


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