HOUSE OF SYN – Work Experience Day 4

Hello, hello, hello, this is Jaeger again writing about day four of my work experience journey at SYN. After arriving several minutes early and updating my blog, it was time for the first activity for the day. Today’s main focus was on news presenting. Karl and I had the opportunity to help prepare one of the radio shows with those that would be hosting it. The show was called Panorama, and was basically a news program that talked about current affairs (generally local). There were several stories lined up for the show. These included an article about R U OK Day, one about the contested regional electorate of Indi, and one about deafness and recent advances in technology that are helping to combat it. I was assigned to help with the R U OK Day story, so I began by doing a little research into what the day was all about. I then went outside with another person on the show and conducted several brief interviews with the general populous about their thoughts on the day. I let the experienced person do a few first, and then went and interviewed some people myself. These short interviews were called vox pops, which would be edited into a continuous clip that would air on the radio. The people we interviewed were fairly nice, and the majority did not mind being interviewed, but some of the people we asked rejected us. After collecting enough material (containing a wide variety of different opinions), we headed back into the House of SYN. It was my job to edit the audio that we had collected, so I hopped on a computer and opened up Adobe Audition. Using the skills i had learnt from my previous days at SYN, I was able to successfully create a one and a half minute clip, with a little help here and there of course.  I tried to edit the audio so that there was a wide variety of contrasting opinions and voice types next to each other in the clip. Doing these activities provided a real insight into what working on producing a radio show involves, and taught me many valuable skills that might be of use to me in the future. After finishing the sequence I complemented it with a quality backing track and exported the file. Fascinating, I know. It was break time now! I know what you’re probably thinking; he has mentioned Druids Café in every blog thus far. But in a surprising turn of events I brought lunch from home today. I was able to use the computer during my break time while I ate, and rip some CDs so that I could take the hard copies home.After the break we headed on down to the radio studio to sit in on Panorama being broadcasted. Karl and I got to see some of the content that we had produced earlier in action. Even though we had done similar things before, it was really quite interesting to see the way in which a radio show was broadcast and how those doing it operated the panel. Later, when the show had finished, Karl and I headed back to the House to sit in on a music meeting. We learnt about how the digital music library is maintained and added to and then were tasked to rip some CDs  onto the system. At ten to six we went back down to the studio to read the six o’clock news bulletin. We didn’t actually write our own this time, but we were less nervous than on previous broadcasts. It was all becoming more natural to us now as we built up experience in the studio. Today was another fantastic day at SYN. Kristina wasn’t going to be in tomorrow, so we thanked her for all the work she had done and the time she had taken out to organise what we would be doing. THANK YOU KRISTINA! Once again I learnt so much and I’m disappointed to know that I only have one last day here. I am going to try my best to make the most of it!


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