HOUSE OF SYN – Work Experience Day 5 – The Grand Finale

 Well, today was my last day at SYN, and it was certainly a day to remember. First of all I was introduced to Travis, a really fun guy who would  be looking after us lowly work experience students for the day. Pretty much as soon as Karl and I arrived he told us that we would be running a one hour radio show…in less than an hour! This was a a bit of a shock, and we both frantically got to work preparing for the show, with the help of a run-sheet template of course.  We decided that Karl, who actually knew good music, unlike myself, would sort out the songs that we would play between our segments. Meanwhile, I tried to brainstorm a few ideas for topics that we could discuss on air. I was having some trouble, so I called my brother Sabre and he helped us come up with some good ideas. In the end, some of the topics we came up with were: Doctor Who, excusions, pests (kea birds), infomercials, posture, ideal foodstuffs and aeroplane food. Our show was to begin at two o’clock, and that time was fast approaching! We were in a frantic rush, but we just managed to finish in time. We went to print out our sheet, when we found out that the printer was out of paper! We searched around maniacly trying to find some paper and thankfully some was given to us by John (I’m pretty sure that’s his name but don’t quote me on that), our saviour.    We hurried along down to the studio, managing to only be a few minutes late, then we started our show. Both of us did a really good job and the show ran quite smoothly. I cannot remember any awkward moments. With his permission of course, we repeatedly made jokes about Travis, which in hindsight was a bit cruel but still funny. The time flew by so quickly. It was a really worthwhile experience. I would like to thank Travis for working the panel during our session.  Back at the house we were introduced to Bella, who would be our supervisor for our final hour at SYN. As we were leaving at four today, there was no lunch break. Instead, we went on the computers and Karl and I transfered our content of the week onto a compact disc and an 8gb One Direction Universal Serial Bus respectively. This was also a good time to reflect on the week, so we spent some time working on our work experience blogs. Finally, my time at SYN had expired and it was time to leave. I said one last goodbye to the HOUSE OF SYN and made my way to the Swaston Street tram line.  I would just like to thank everyone at SYN for welcoming me into such a warm workplace and taking their time out to make sure that my work experience week was as fantastic as it was. Particularly I would like to thank Kristina, who was our supervisor/coordinator for the week. It was really great being able to meet so many friendly new people. You would struggle to find the experiences I had at SYN anywhere else on the planet. I am truly privileged to have had the opportunity to work with everybody at SYN and do the extraordinary things that you all do. I will definitely consider becoming a member of SYN in the future. I couldn’t have asked for a better work experience week. Once again, thank you. This is JJK (Jaeger Jameson Konidaris) finally checking out for the last time. Farewell!!!          


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