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Housemates w/ Sindy & Imo (11/07/2020)

Sindy and Imo talk new lock down measures, celebrities running for President, and the music we’re listening to this week, featuring a guest mix from Melbourne-based, New Zealand-born DJ Baby G.

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  1. Love Tool - Jad & The
  2. Dan's Dancing - Donald's House
  3. Got Me Good - Never Dull
  4. Diva Bitch - Jayda G & Alexa Dash
  5. Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue
  6. Revolution 909 - Daft Punk
  7. DJ Mentality - Fantastic Man
  8. Sidi Mansour - Moving Still
  9. Sweetie - Laurel Halo
  10. I Hope I Sleep Tonight - DJ Seinfeld
  11. Good Spirits (In All My Things) - Fishing, Alister Wright
  12. Hundred Flowers Groove - Ciel
  13. Needledrop (Laurence Guy Remix) - Session Victim
  14. Coldwaves - Octo Octa
  15. Time (123mrk Remix) - Ariel Camusso, Persian Empire
  16. dickalicious cumdown beat - jamesjamesjames
  17. Good Girl - KARLITA
  18. Park (Jerome LOL Remix) - DEEJ

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