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Housemates 23/5/20

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Bec and Sam teamed up this week to bring you all things cowbell and otherwise.


Ciel — The Twirler

Mozaika (feat. Sui Zhen) — Drive

Nail — Cassiopeia (Luca Lozano Remix)

BB — Hey Ladies (Vox)

DJ Life — Lightning Ridge

Baronhawk Poitier — Temperado Tornado

Jex Opolis — Doing Nothing

DJ City — A&F

Laureal Halo & Hodge — Tru

Akiko Kayama Isotope

Octo Octa — Bodies Meld Together

Desert Sound Colony — Pompey Cruiser

LT — Staminize

Merph & Mantissa — Whip

Opal Sunn — Laika

Simona — Supertouch ft. m8riarchy

Plus! Bec, as her DJ alter ego Softserve, gave us a juicy mix packed with local talent <3

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