Housemates – Jitan Recommends

Welcome back to Jitan Recommends, courtesy of Housemates presenter and selector Jitan. Enjoy three tracks handpicked by the man himself.

Crystal Waters — Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)

This iconic track opens with its hypnotic keys that play out the entirety of the song. The keys are joined by Waters’ catchy lyrics, especially the ‘la da dee la da da’ motif which hooks listeners in and makes the song so memorable. The hi hats and bass drum team up to create a nice disco-like sound that really sets the mood. Gypsy Woman is a reflection of how 90s house music sounded and how it sounds now. The video clip is worth a watch too, personally I see the clip showing a fusion between normal and bizarre imagery.

Love Regenerator — The Power of Love II

The combination of soulful vocals, raving drums, and serious-sounding keys, with a heavy bass synth added in really keeps the attention of the listener in this track. The keys and the strong vocals in particular inject a deep house rave feel and take the song to another level. While the clip is also interesting to watch, it’s worth noting that Love Regenerator is the alias of global star Calvin Harris.

Yaeji — Never Settling Down

Typical of Yaeji, this track features quiet and calming vocals and interesting drum beats which keep the song’s slow pace. At 1:28, the synth keys come in playing chords, sounding heavenly and calming, and creating a song that just feels good to listen to. For me it’s the selling point of the song because it helps you enter yet another level of Yaeji’s music. Towards the end the drum beats speed up, becoming heavier and faster in speed and strength and the mood shifts onwards from there, really becoming a house track with a drum and bass feel.

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