Housemates – Jitan Recommends

Welcome back to another instalment of Jitan Recommends, all thanks to presenter and selector Jitan. Please enjoy three tracks chosen by the man himself.

Nine Inch Nails — Together

A nice quiet track to listen to, this ambient piece has mood-inducing keys and synths that cause the listener to ebb between sadness and hope throughout. The mood that’s created is an appropriate reflection of the uncertain nature of the coronavirus pandemic, and the unknown times humanity is in. In its final moments, Together creates a a feeling of peace as if everything is going to be okay, hopefully mirroring our circumstances as well.

Ministry — Just Like You

Inspired by the dark wave and electronica movements during the 80s, this synth track takes those sounds in a more poppy direction, while still maintaining that darker, EBM edge. The keys, drum beats, and British accented vocals (a statement from the American band) are notable, and the bass line provides a groove to the instrumentation. Ministry’s sound affected the aforementioned band, Nine Inch Nails, with the most significant sonic example being their album Pretty Hate Machine.

Bondax — Giving It All

Giving It All has a number of influences including house, dance pop, and RnB style vocals. The opening of the track exhibits smooth keys and uplifting singing, enabling the listener to feel good straight away. As the track progresses it moves in a more melancholy direction with the lyrics and vocals, creating a mixture of emotions that could be interpreted differently by each listener. Not dissimilar to a Disclosure song, particularly off their Settle album, this is a solid house track that you can dance to. 

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