Housemates – Jitan Recommends

Welcome to the first ever Jitan Recommends, courtesy of Housemates presenter and selector Jitan. Enjoy three tracks handpicked by the man himself!

Larry Heard — Missing You

I’ve picked this track because right from the beginning it has a really soothing effect and gives you a feeling of peace. Its welcoming vocals are paired with meaningful and thought-provoking lyrics which deserve to be paid attention to, as Larry Heard shows his storytelling ability through them. Personally, I enjoy the hi-hats which are most notable at the start of the song, and are joined by watery-sounding keys throughout which in turn puts the track at ease. Definitely something to listen to to feel calm.

Disclosure — Ecstasy

This song shows Disclosure are still able to create hit house music, easily understood through the continuous drumbeat. It creates an astounding rhythm to dance to while the hi-hats move from open to closed, and the singular lyric “ecstasy” is placed at precise points within the tune. In classic house music tradition the keys are on point too, with all the instrumentation leaving the listener feeling uplifted and ready to dance.


Yaeji — Waking Up Down

This track is most notable for its use of both Korean and English language, as well as Yaeji’s distinctive relaxing tones in her vocals. The lyrics aren’t too complex but aren’t simplistic either, and for non-Korean speakers the Korean lyrics add a layer of mystery with regards to what Yaeji’s saying. The tempo is steady which makes it easy to dance to, and the song overall makes the listener feel cool, fresh, and relaxed.

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