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Housemates w/Sindy ft. Marcus Kech & Ciao Bella

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This week on Housemates, Sindy is on track selection duties, sharing some vinyl records from home while in quarantine.

Housemates Executive Producer, Niamh has interviewed Melbourne producer Marcus Kech, chatting all about his new tracks, music making processes and post-corona goals.

You can follow Marcus on Soundcloud to listen to all his new tracks!

Our guest mix this week comes from local DJ Ciao Bella. It’s a mix of drum and bass, and wicked break beats. Follow the DJ for updates on events and new mixes.


  1. Untitled B1 - Unknown Artist
  2. Thank U Mum (4 Everything You Did) - St Germaine
  3. Make Time - Shanti Celeste
  4. Ms Lady - Sai
  5. Decompression - Harrison BDP
  6. Underachieving Koala (Arthur Miles remix) - Jad & The
  7. Take Me Higher - Virgo Four
  8. My Life - Marcus Kech
  9. People That Make The Music - Herbert
  10. Brighter Days ft Dajae - Cajmere
  11. Rhythm Girl Swing - Detroit Swindle
  12. When Love Gets Cold - Austin Ato
  13. Hit It Bubba (I Want My Dadda's Rekids!!!) - Omar S
  14. Yo Vogue VIP - French Fries
Sindy Smith

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