How to be… Healthy


How to be Healthy


This week’s episode focused on physical health, because looking after your body makes it easier to look after yourself and have a healthy mind. Now I’m not really one for cooking or exercising, and frankly I’m not really a morning person either, and I like late nights. But I found a few ways to be healthier that work for me, and here are some of them.




  • Eating well improves concentration and makes you feel better from the inside out, it also improves health, makes you less likely to get sick and helps you to stay fit.


  • Cooking and preparing meals doesn’t have to be an inconvenient task! Make it easy by using the microwave to cook veg etc, sticking to what you know and adding little bits of new information at a time and following express recipes or 4 ingredient recipes.


  • Make basically pre-made meals better for you by adding vegetables and/or lean meats.


  • Cook with friends instead of going out for meals. It’s cheaper, more fun, more active and healthier!


  • Every time you cook, freeze one serving. That way on days when you just can’t be bothered cooking something up, you’ll have a home cooked meal ready for you after a quick microwave instead of buying junk food or expensive meals out.




  • Being active should be a reward and not a punishment. For example, forcing yourself to go to the gym because you think you need it is punishing yourself for being unfit or overweight, whereas going to the beach because you’ve wanted to is rewarding yourself for being awesome and getting stuff done.


  • Enjoy being active! If you hate exercise, don’t exercise, do other active things. Some recommendations are making a great playlist and going for a walk, swimming (especially at heated indoor pools in winter, heaven!), putting on a TV show you love while on a machine at the gym etc etc.


  • Take it easy. Don’t push yourself, it makes sense if you’re an athlete or if you’re training for something, but if you’re a normal person just trying to be more active, make it enjoyable, not painful. This way you’ll keep doing it and you will improve naturally.


  • Do active things with friends. Go ice-skating, go to the beach, go for a walk, go for a bike ride, go skateboarding, go to Bounce and play dodgeballs on the trampoline, go swimming, go indoor rock climbing. Etc etc etc.




  • Sleep is super important and affects all facets of your life!


  • 8hrs is the bare minimum, the more sleep you get the better you will feel and perform during the day


  • Sleep in a dark room slightly cool for best sleep


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