How to be… Smart


So, apologies again for the lack of music in this weeks episode! I am a newbie and things go wrong. My friends are all telling me it wasn’t too bad and I’m choosing to believe them but you can listen to the podcast for yourselves when I upload it tomorrow to see for yourselves. The episode was about Study, Creativity and Intelligence and this is what I talked (non-stop) about:


Write your notes on pen and paper

Thoughts are erratic and nonsensical, computers are the opposite. With a pen and paper you can scribble things down as they come to you, anything you find important, questions you have, or ideas. You can connect these later. Also, pen and paper are less distracting than tablets, laptops and phones.


Keep lists!

Lists keep you organized! They’re super handy! Make them work for you and make life easier, don’t make them a chore. List things that you have to get done tomorrow down before you go to sleep so you don’t stress about it in bed.


Have a morning routine

It doesn’t matter whether you wake up at 7am or 11am, just have a routine that you go through every morning from the moment you wake. Mine is: lie in bed for 2-5mins looking at the ceiling and contemplating life, look at my To Do list for the day and add anything that I think of, have a shower, dance in my underwear whilst choosing something to wear and then have breakfast. It works for me ok. Scientifically a morning routine increases positivity and productivity during the day.


Make connections

Instead of transferring information from short term memory into your long term memory through repetition (the most common form of study) make connections between what you’re learning and things you already know well and are interested in. For example, you’re learning about deadly animals and you have to remember that the mosquito is the most dangerous animal ever (it’s true), so you link that to your love of Archer through the quote, “Danger Zone” which is firmly in your memory bank. As in, you see a mosquito, you’re in the Danger Zone, coz it’s the deadliest animal in the world BUSTER.


Isolate time for different tasks

Set aside a period of time (around 15-45mins) to dedicate to one task, say cleaning your room or working on an essay that’s due soon, and do that one thing for that amount of time. Make sure your phone is out of reach and turn off the TV. If you’re having trouble getting started just pick one thing and work on that to begin with. The trick is not to overthink it, just do something. Isolating time increases time efficiency woo!


How creativity works

Creativity isn’t just breakthroughs all the time. It doesn’t just happen. The process of coming up with ideas and solving problems is broken into three stages:

  1. Preparation- Research and gather information about the topic
  2. Incubation- Spending time thinking about it and not thinking about
  3. Relaxation- ideas are most likely to come during moments of relaxation


Everyone is good at something, figure out what you’re good at and use it to your advantage. That’s smart 🙂

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