How Upload An Image

Here you will find out how to upload and use an image. Whether you need an image for an audio/video post, also known as a Feature Image, or you are doing a blog post, you will be able to find out how to do so here.

The steps for both are largely the same, there are some differences. Steps specifically for a Feature Image will be highlighted in Blue. Steps for a Blog Post will be in Pink. Steps for both will be in black

Step 1. Hover over Posts and click ‘Add New’

Add Media Guide 1

You will then be taken to this page.

Add Media Guide 2

Step 2. Click Add Media

Add Media Guide 3

Step 2. Click Set Feature Image

Add Images

Step 3. You will then be taken to the Media Library. From here you can select a pre-existing image that is in the Media Library. Additionally, you can click Upload File and upload the file from there

Add Media Guide 4

Step 4. Select your images, and click “Insert into Post”. You can add more by holding down ‘Ctrl’ and click more images.

Add Images 2

Step 4. Click Select Featured Image.

Add Images 3

Step 5. Your Image will appear in the body of your paragraph like so, and you can move it using this bar, highlighted below

Add Photo 6

Step 5. Your featured Image will appear in the corner

Featured Image

Step 6. Publish as normal