I didn’t choose the scream life, the scream life chose me!


Hi everyone! My name is Airlie and I host Screaway on SYN Nation!  It’s a show playing some of my favourite heavy songs and bands.  I love doing this as it means I have a way to share my love for heavy musc with a like- minded audience and hopefully reach more people at the same time.  I’ve had no prior experience with radio before, and I wouldn’t have even known where to begin looking to start up in this industry!  Already, I’ve learnt so much about writing shows each week, choosing appropriate music to play, reccording, paneling and editing, and I seem to learn something new each week!  I know not everyone appreciates heavy music,and it is often associated with violent and aggressive behaviour, but I don’t believe this is any different to any other genre of music, and I absolutely love it!  Some bands demonstrate an incredible amount of musicianship.  I love going to see bands live, it’s one of my most favourite things in the world to do.  Last year alone, I travelled the three hours each way to Melbourne from Warrnambool approximnately every three weeks to go and see a different band, and it never got old.  It always amazed me to see how these people I looked up to so much turned out to be just regular, everyday people, too!  I think more people might appreciate, if not, enjoy the music if they could just hear past the “loud noises” and appreciate the lyrics, skills and even the vocal side of things, especially live.

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