I have no idea what the title should be so…. MARSHMELLOWS!!!! – SYN Work Experience Blog

Why hello there. I am Evie and I’m doing Work Experience here at SYN. I also have no idea what to write in this blog.
So I arrived at the house of SYN, which I had no trouble finding considering the building has “THIS IS SYN” painted on the door. I hought “Oh yeah, geting here 10min early. I’m so awesome” but then realising I was the last one to arrive. Meeing my work experience cohorts, Ashira and Tom was nice. We walked down with Kristina to the studios and talked about Media law blah blah blah……
Then we were struggling to stay awake in the eve-intensive staff meeting. Sarcasm definetely intended. Then we had our break so we walked down to Melbourne Central to nom on some food.
After that we did admin tasks on Salesforce. (Yay……) Just putting memberships through the system which wasn’t exactly fun but wasn’t exactly boring either. And then to finish off the day, we had probably the bes part of the day….Objection. The Under 18’s only radio show. We met the producers (Whose names I cannot for the life of me recall) and the guys who were presenting adn had some fun radio shenanigans together. We all got a turn on air and nicknames . You may now address me as Queen Evie, daughter of David cometh from Balwyn.
Thanks for putting up with this blog


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