I Met Britney Spears!

Joking. But on the way to SYN i did see a woman who looked a lot like her, except fatter and and less of a trainwreck then the real Ms Spears. That was probably the highlight of my trip to the SYN offices, but sleeping on the train was pretty fun too after having to wake up so early after staying up late watching 19-year-old German sensation Lena win Eurovision 2010. I didnt’ actually watch any of it because Underbelly was on and its decidedly more violent than Eurovision, so I chose to watch that instead. But then Mum was nagging me to go to bed so I was ready for work experience tomorow, so i got off my ass and went to the other room where Dad was half-sleeping, half-watching Eurovision. After this I went to bed and it took me a while to fall asleep because I had a tummy ache after eating way too much food beforehand, plus my adorable kitten was sitting on my face, making it rather difficult to breathe. Anyway, Monday was my first day of work experience at SYN. I rocked up at 11 and met the very lovely and beautiful Emma, who gave me a quick tour of the House of SYN, then walked me to the SYN studios. There was no Schools On Air program as many of the schools had exams (including me, and i f*cked up mine something baad) so instead i joined in on Andrew and Mike’s sport show, which was really awesome fun. They were great guys, really friendly and I would love to be on their show again and again. I haven’t really decided yet what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m thinking i want to be on TV or radio, or be a comedian. Or be an actor or scriptwriter. I think by the end of this week I’m gonna want to join SYN so bad because I would love to have my own show, it would be a dream. I’d want other people with me though, otherwise I’d get lonely, and I don’t want to talk to myself. So, my day is going pretty awesomely, then after the sprt show I listened in on some Holmesglen chicks doing their show. It was alright but there was two girls who talked so much they got a bit annoying, and there were two girls who were really quiet. However after that I had my break for lunch so I went to Melbourne Central where I bumped into my mate who was doing architecture on Burke’s Street. And now im writing this blog, I hope everyone reads it because I’m awesome and I’m gonna be real famous one day. lol 🙂 yea so lataz yall


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