If Obama Was a Walrus For a Day!

DAY 3: Yo yo yo, dESiREE here! Right now im super tired, sooo my memory of today might be a bit hazy… Today started with finishing our ID’s, when i started to edit i drew a massive mental blank on how to edit and put things together for a good 2 minutes, but soon enough i winged it and clicked a bunch of stuff, remembering how to add files and cut and enhance sound. While editing my ID i was pretty happy how it turned out but i felt that i need more or that something was missing. I still don’t know what but maybe someone who is good at ID’s could edit mine to a better quality. And if anyone wants to listen to it the file is called- dog on fire or something along those lines?  Anyway after that sha-bang we had a spare 15 or so minutes to do some paper work, sorting membership forms into alphabetical order into binders. Not the most fun but nessary i guess. THEN BREAK! this time it was a 20 minute break opposed to our usual 30 minutes, as we lost track of time and did the paper work for an extra 10 minutes. If you must know i had a muffin for break i spent a good $4.50 for that muffin, never again! Darn that’s one expensive muffin or im one real cheap skate. Then we got given the task to research news articles and write a short news bulletin about them in which we would annouce for the 5 o’clock news.. ohh fancy. It was very hard to find one article that was interesting and not boring. But i did end up writing about Obama and the government shutdown also it was quite difficult to condense so much information into a brief overview and to be honest it felt like i was back at school and no ones wants to feel that way i still have a couple days left!!! After we typed up our bulletins we headed over to the studio with Eddy and the rest of the news crew to watch over how they present the news and how professional they sound, it was interesting to see even the people who have been reading the news for a while, some times sutter and misread words and pharses.  Just as they wrapped up their segement joanna and i went back HOME to get one more news story and make it into another bulletin! Once complete we combined our information onto a google doc alternating articles and also added updates on news and sport then had a mini rehersal .. then, it was our time to shine! not really but felt pretty cool to be on air. Actually doing it was making me nervours and causing me to speak really fast and when pausing made me out of breath, inhaling and hearing it through the head phones. It was really cool though! Then the day end with Hanging up posters in studio 3 and ripping CDs. PLus you’re probably like ”  wut r u sayin’ your memory is hazy! pfftt…this is the longest entry you’ve made”  well, I elaborated on things, alrightttt  Pretty chill day!BYE! 

October 2nd 2013
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