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Ignorance is This reviews Cloverfield Paradox!

Illustrated by Eden Andrews

Featured Image illustrated by the superb Eden Andrews


Renowned ‘good’ movie franchise Cloverfield has released a BRAND NEW film exclusively on Netflix a few weeks ago which was a big surprise to everybody. With the previous installments being held in very high regards by critics and fans, Paradox had big shoes to fill. While Oliver had seen the others, the ‘Beyonce-Style’ surprise drop left him just as ignorant about this new flick as Scott this week. With no expectations other than Oliver’s previous knowledge of the franchise, can Paradox hold up to the high regard? Or would we prefer there be a hole in the spaceship that is the Cloverfield franchise where Paradox can be shot out into space to be long forgotten?


And as always we cap off the show with some fun games. In this episode: The Fruit is Acute!


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Scott Martin and Oliver Dear

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