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Ignorance is This reviews The Disaster Artist

An illustration of the movie poster advertising 'The Disaster Artist', featuring podcasting co-hosts Scott Martin and Oliver Dear.

Featured Image illustrated by the superb Eden Andrews


So we’ve discussed The Room perhaps a couple of times before – the film widely considered to be the worst film ever made. It’s the kind of thing everyone wants to see, whether for you to learn from other’s mistakes, or simply for the sake of entertainment. We wonder what it’s like to watch a film about a film, that also happens to be the worst film: Introducing The Disaster Artist starring James Franco as Tommy Wiseau and Dave Franco as Greg Sestero.


Also! A new segment sort of/kind of: Devil’s Advocate.
The devil is here to deliver his contrarian point of view, does Scott have what it takes to debate the devil?


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Scott Martin and Oliver Dear

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