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Ignorance is This reviews Tomb Raider!

Tomb Raider episode art designed and illustrated by Eden Andrews

Featured Image illustrated by the superb Eden Andrews


There’s no denying that Lara Croft is a very popular and respected video game protagonist. But with failed movies based on her video games in the past, it is going to be a huge feat to win audiences over with the character once again. Can Warner Brother’s manage a kick-ass realistic-style reboot similar to how game developer Square Enix did with their rebooted game series in 2013?

In this episode, the Iggy boys discuss video games briefly for a change to coincide with Tomb Raider‘s release, introduce yet another one-time segment, and discuss the Alicia Vikander-led film in depth – including how promotional materials like teaser clips may have spoiled integral plot points before the movie was even released.

Listen to the podcast below, or check it out on Spotify!

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