In a Macarena nutshell

 Waking up at 5:15 this morning. Yes i really did wake up then, not because I’m a freakishly weird and like to wake up before the crack of dawn… more like I had to wake up to go to work with my mum just so I could get a lift to a tram stop and 11:30… After a moment of about 30 seconds having NO CLUE where I was and then to snap out of it and realise I was a about 100 metres way from the house. I got there just a lil bit early so just chilled in the computer lab until it was time to get stuck in.  I had to turn my non-existant radio creative cap to form new promo and IDs for radio. We did a little brainstorming and dived straight into recording. By recording I mean shown how everything works then left to our own devices. Vanessa and I made a collection of comical ones inspired by movie quotes, autotuned news interviews and play on words… (as well as pretend to have our own show… you wouldnt to that)Time for our break.. MHMMMM ASIAN FOOD!!!With full bellys of yummy goodness we had the chance to edit our promos in the time before we headed over to ch31 for 1700. 1700 was definitely a great end to the day… being on a floor which looked like the telly tubbies with little hide-e-holes and bright colours i felt comfortable straight away.. Simple tutorials of the cameras and switch board and i was one my way to behind scene stardome.. Well alteast in my head i was… :/ The lovely co-host of 1700 Jess invited us to be part of her dancing debate and were on set for about a minute or so doing the Macarena.. THE MACARENA.. thats right i was on tv and not just on it, i was doing the Macarena as well as being apart of the promo for tuesday booging away with the crew and hosts.Being in a studio and on tv you wouldnt find that fun!    That’s all folks   


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