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This week, comedian Anthony Jeannot joined In Joke live in the studio to discuss his Melbourne Fringe Festival show, ‘Unaccept-A-Bubble’. The interview touched upon advice for aspiring comics, prop shopping and anaphylactic shocks. For show details, click here:http://tinyurl.com/n2pa2xs

Later in the program, comedian and fellow SYN broadcaster Murphy McLachlan dropped in to discuss his Melbourne Fringe Festival show, ‘Murphy McLachlan Tries Everything’. We explored the lighter side of failure, Murphy’s sweet new skills and the process of road-testing at rooms. For show details, click here: http://tinyurl.com/mp7sded

You can steam both interviews using the player located above all this rambling! Be sure to join us again 5pm Sunday for another entertaining hour of In Joke: the show that’s in-the-know with all things comedy! 







September 30th 2014
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