Index of SYN’s online training resources

Volunteer Templates


SYN Cue Sheet Template

SYN Interview Brief Template

SYN Running Sheet Template

SYN Program Evaluation


Schools On Air / Access Program Resources


Schools on Air – Basic Intro/Outro

Schools on Air – Example “Music Show”

Schools on Air – Example “News Show”


Copyright and Broadcast Law

Copyright and Broadcast Law – Lesson Plan

Copyright and Broadcast Law – Student Worksheet

Copyright and Broadcast Law -SYN Guide to Understanding Defamation


Creating Content
Creating Content Lesson Plan
Creating Content Student Homework
Creating Content Student Worksheet 


Current Affairs and Social Issues

Current Affairs and Social Issues Worksheet
Current Affaris and Social Issues Lesson Plan


Interview Assessment 
Interviews Lesson Plan
Interviews Student Worksheet
SYN Interview Tips Powerpoint Presentation



News Student Worksheet
News Lesson Plan
News Bulletins Guide Powerpoint

Top Tips for Newsreading Video

Online and Social Media

Online and Social Media Lesson Plan
Online and Social Media Student Worksheet

Online and Social Media Guide Powerpoint Presentation 



Panelling Lesson Plan

Panelling Student Worksheet
Panelling Tips Powerpoint 

Flywire Guide Powerpoint

Teacher Resources

Guide to Podcasting
Public Speaking and Confidence Building Games


General Media-Making Tips:

Choosing and Using Different File Types
Creating and Developing Content
Creative Commons Licensing
Current Affairs Reporting
Digital File Management


Understanding Defamation
Preparing for Interviews
Social Media Tips

Structuring News Bulletins
Using Music in your Productions



General Radio and Audio Skills:


Editing Pre-Recorded Audio
DIY Radio

Flywire Tutorial

Getting Creative with Pre-Recorded Audio

Podcasting your SYN Show

Radio Presenting
Radio Roles and Responsibilities



General TV and Screen Skills:

Community Television Legal Guidelines
Guide to OH&S at C31’s Studio
TV Roles and Responsibilities



Audio Editing:


Editing with GarageBand

Exporting your Podcast with GarageBand
Adding Music with GarageBand
Adding Sound Effects with GarageBand
Adding More Tracks with GarageBand
Editing With GarageBand
Recording With GarageBand


Editing with Audacity

Exporting your Podcast with Audacity
Adding Music with Audacity
Adding Sound Effects with Audacity
Adding More Tracks with Audacity
Editing with Audacity
Recording with Audacity


Editing with Audition
Guide to Adobe Audition



Video Recording and Editing:

Audio and Sound Design

Editing with iMovie

Editing with Windows Movie Maker
Guide to TV Set Design
How to Shoot your Vodcast

Presenting your Vodcast
SYN Vodcasting Workshop Kit



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