“International Rude Boy” – LOTEK

It’s almost the end of February and, as such, it’s safe to assume that us Melbourne-ites are not going to get the summer we were all looking forward to. That’s right my friends, no cloudless blue skies or ice cold drinks on the beach for us this year. But luckily in all this humidity and downpour there is always music to make us out-of-body ourselves to sweeter, warmer climates.
Enter Melbourne based British ex-pat and super-producer Wayne Bennet, AKA; Lotek. From the very first track of his new LP ‘International Rude Boy’ Lotek will have you cruising down exotic coastlines, windows down and the summer sun beating down on your face.
The album kicks off with ‘Dreader Than Dread’, a track that immediately hammers you with a reggae beat and snappy single-coil guitar straight out of Jamaica. Although the chorus is derivative and predictable (think Bob Marley’s and Shaggy’s love child and you’ll have the vibe), you can forgive all that because the entire album is just so damn catchy! It’s the combination of dancehall, funk and reggae that makes it hard to keep your feet from taking on a life of their own as they try and drag you off to some far off shore for surfing and hammocks.
Admittedly the album’s downfall is the song-writing (the albums best track being it’s wordless closer); featuring such genius lines such as “Always a flight to catch, I just carry my laptop and keep writing tracks” and “the money wasn’t part of the rap, it was the pay to have the people start to clap” it isn’t exactly complex stuff. But if you look past the lyrics and just appreciate the beats this album will not disappoint.
All that aside, Lotek has given us what we all wanted this year, something bright and breezy to tune out the clouds and thunder and remind us all that sometimes all anyone really needs are good beats and something to dance to!  
Jonty Thompson
(The Hoist 7-8pm weekdays on SYN)