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Interview – Samurai Punk, Developers of Screencheat (PC)


Troy, Sam and James from Player One were recently joined by Melbourne-based indie developers Samurai Punk; Nicholas McDonnell their lead designer/artist and Justin Whitfort who is the head of programming.

Samurai Punk recently announced their newest game, Screencheat which you can pre-order and is currently in open beta on popular PC/Mac/Linux gaming platform Steam.

Simply put, Screencheat is the split-screen FPS where everyone is invisible and you have to ‘screencheat’ (look at each other’s screens) to win!

Screencheat was a participant in the Melbourne branch of the Global Game Jam this year and was celebrated with notable accolades including Best Marketing and Jammers’ Choice awards. It also had honourable mentions for Accessibility, Most Original Concept and Judges’ Choice!

You can follow Samurai Punk on social media, at fb.com/SamuraiPunkGames and on twitter @SamuraiPunkCo! For more information about and its beta head to its offical site.


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