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Interview with Persona from Tunisia


In Moshpit’s most ambitious interview to date, Stefan caught up with Tunisian alternative metal band Persona. Skyping all the way from Tunis, singer/composer/lyricist Jelena and bassist Nesrine discussed the formation and sound of the band; their personal musical beginnings and preferences; the Tunisian metal scene and its lack of resources for metal musicians; women in the metal scene; Australian bands; languages; and the debut album Elusive Reflections.

The interview includes three full songs used with written permission: ‘Monsters’, Stefan’s personal favourite song from the album; ‘Blinded’, the single that’s featured in the band’s music video; and ending with ‘Forgotten’. Apologies for some audio issues as can often occur with Skype calls.

Both the shorter radio edit and the extended cut can be listened to below.

The radio edit aired on the 10th of March 2016 on the Pit Masters hour on the Moshpit on SYN.

PERSONA is a female-fronted alternative metal band from Tunisia. Their style fuses modern metal sound with elements of rock, thrash and heavy riffs with synth effects and classical orchestration.

The debut album ‘Elusive Reflections’ is out now.

Jelena Dobric : Lead & backing Vocals
Melik Melek Khelifa : Lead Guitar
Yosri Ouada : Rhythm Guitar
Youssef Aouadi : Drums
Walid Bessadok : Keyboard
Nesrine Mahbouli : Bass


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