Introducing SYN’s 2012 Leadership Team!

We are very excited to announce SYN’s brand new Leadership Team for 2012!
These 34 outstanding SYNners will take charge of our departments and flagship programs from January 1.
Expect big things!

Talks Manager: Jack Crane
1700 Talks Coordinator: Samantha Dickson
Local Talks Coordinator: Natalie Lambevska
Arts and Entertainment Talks Coordinator: Florence Au-Yeung
TV and Screen Manager: Patrick Bridges
Online Manager: Andy Lynch
Radio Manager: Callum Moore
Radio Programming Assistant: Mabel Kwong
Radio Programming Members – so far!: Simon Love, Adam Knox, Magda Makowski
Music Manager: Belle Wade
Music Assistant: Will Evans
Live Music Coordinator: Pip Enscoe

Executive Producers

Get Cereal: Rebecca Russo
1700: Michael O’Donoghue and Georgia Greenway
The Hoist: Daniel Mcdonald
New and Approved: Kate Dean
Panorama: Joseph Dunstan
Objection: Belle Jackson and Jess Brown
Greenlight: Alexander Cornwell
Arts Mitten: Natalie Tencic
Naughty Rude Show: Patricia Niklas and Jessica Dean
Asian Pop Night: Benjamin Lee
Ash Briggs
Punk & Metal: Lauren Murphy
Dance: Aaron Camilleri
In Joke: Rebecca Petraitis
Rainbow Juice: Sumedha Verma
The Gauntlet: Pavita Sangrueit
News: Joshua Crowther

November 10th 2011
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