Introducing SYN’s 2013 Leadership Team!

We’re very excited to announce SYN’s brand new Leadership Team for 2013!
These 38 outstanding volunteers have taken on Executive Producer and Manager/Assistant roles across SYN and will take charge of our departments and flagship programs from January 1.
Get excited … 2013 is going to be a HUGE year!
SYN Departments
Radio Manager: Jack Crane
Radio Assistant: Declan Kelly
Music Manager: Will Evans
Music Assistant: Kate Dean
Events Coordinator: Vito Lucarelli
Talks Manager: Mason Smith
1700 Talks Coordinator: Lauren Murphy
Local Talks Coordinator: Samantha Randell
Arts and Entertainment Talks Coordinator: Zoe Davies
Sports Talks Coordinator: Christopher Tyler
TV and Screen Manager: Nat Tencic
Online Manager: Cassie Wright
Online Editor: Mabel Kwong
Reviews Coordinator: Jessica Buccolieri
Executive Producers
Get Cereal: Josh Olek, Stephen Jones
1700: Ana Gencic, Tyson Burgess
The Hoist: Liz Albiston
New and Approved: Elle Marsh  
Panorama: Clancy Holzgrefe, Allison Worrall, Yara Murray-Atfield
Objection: Tim Hammond, James Blake, Courtney Gardner (Assistant)
Arts Mitten: Alan Weedon
Arts Mitten TV: Perri Hunter
Naughty Rude Show: Alex Jurlina, Michael Kean
Asian Pop: Michael Sarlo
Hip-hop: Belle Jackson
Punk & Metal: Chris Farrugia
Indie & Electro: David Crowe
Dance: Catherine Lane
In Joke: Brad Guy
News: Eddie Williams
Sunday Sweets: Vivan Vo