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INTRODUCING : The Hungry Traveller


Hi Syners and Syn followers 🙂


I am Anna and I am starting my first ever show at Syn! 

The show is exactly what the show is called ‘The Hungry Traveller’ – being a person that loves to cook and eat, it has inspired me to be here – I want to share my passion with everyone!

Food used to be very alien to me when I was young, but since I moved to Australia three years ago everything has changed. I started cooking.

There were not many choices as I was still new to everything here and I didn’t really know my way around so I had to learn how to cook (all self-taught and it was quite a painful process, especially when I have to throw away my failed meals).

And as I discovered the joy of EATING, I started to learn more about the food culture. I started exploring restaurants, the different kinds of food offered here, what is the food culture here. The advantage I have in all of this is that I have travelled a lot since I was one years old – until now. Because of this, I’ve tried pretty much almost every tpye of food (but had zero knowledge about the true food culture, how everything is cooked, what are all the ingredients being used).

But you know, we learn as we go. Melbourne has a very unique food culture – mainly because the produce here are very fresh, organic and of premium quality. Through the three years I’ve been here, the food culture here has grown tramendously. More restaurants of different kinds of food started opening up, more markets appear and more people eating out!

I’ve been to numerous restaurants here, and to almost all food events (i.e Taste of Melbourne, Food Truck festival, The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival…etc) and I fall in love with FOOD more and more each day.

So in this show, I would like to share my experience eating here with everyone 🙂

Being able to explore the beauty of eating and FOOD in general is a privilege that not everyone has. I AM LUCKY. I get to eat at all sorts of places, from street food to A class fine-dining, and I must say – sometimes food is so good, I can’t even speak.

You will be hearing a lot of restaurant reviews, my trips to different countries where I eat bizarre food – and normal food too.


So stay tuned 🙂

Brace yourself – because you WILL get hungry.

**AIRING THIS SUNDAY THE 3rd of MAY – from 4 to 5PM**


Yours truly,

– Anna

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