Introducing Waveform Media


How do you name something? You want it to relate to your city it has to be local it has to be appealing…Do you go with acronyms do you go with something random like Green Hair? This is the problem we had with SYN’s Warrnambool Media hub at 3WAY-FM we started the hub as SYN Warrnambool but we needed needed something local, so many suggestions “Struth Youth” “the warrnie way youth hub” “W.T.F.M!”(What The Frequency Modulation), “Warrnamfoolin’ About”, Warrnamtaining, “SYNnambool”. The suggestion of ocean puns was actually the suggestion that lead us to our new name, It made sense it combines radio and our location here in windy wet Warrnambool and Tuesday as I changed over our Facebook page name to Waveform Media it was definitely a day of lots of waves,

Thanks to our volunteer Laura for the photos of the Warrnambool breakwater yesterday and hopefully our hub will be making more waves soon, get it? Currently Waveform produces Screamway for SYN Nation with more programs coming on board soon. Waveform Media is here to get young people involved in making media and radio for 3WAY-FM and SYN if you or someone you know is aged 12-25 and interested in learning more come along to our meetings 7:30-9 Monday nights at 3WAY-FM studios 71 Hyland Street Warrnambool. 

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