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James Gilligan Interview (05/03/15)


James Gilligan came into SYN and chatted to Beth about what you measure success in when you complete a project dedicated to someone, what it takes for an artistic performance to affect you, the importance of musical collaboration and the shared impact of live musical performance.

“The first album took 8 months, the second one took 5 days, and it was a really nice thing, I really like that way of working, it’s just a shame that the lifecycle of muisc has to be a lot of gearing up, a lot of time releasing singles, a lot of time preparing for the release because you can only release it once, and now it’s all stuff that I know you must do but before I just wanted to get it out of my system”

“When I find someone I connect with artistically, it feels like home.”- James Gilligan

Listen to James’ music here.



Bethany Atkinson-Quinton
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