Modern Family star responds to death of ‘beloved’ character

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson has weighed into the Modern Family death scandal.

In September, the show’s co-creator Christopher Lloyd hinted that a “beloved character” would be killed off this season.

Fans raged this week when it was revealed that the departing character was DeDe Pritchett, Jay Pritchett’s ex-wife and the mother of Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett.

DeDe is played by actress Shelley Long and has only appeared in seven of the show’s 214 episodes.

DeDe is the "beloved character" leaving Modern Family, Credit: Supplied.

DeDe is the “beloved character” leaving Modern Family, Credit: Supplied.


Ferguson, who plays Mitchell in the hit US sitcom, blamed the media for hyping up the character’s death.

“I heard it very early on and I didn’t think it was going to be such a big deal,” Ferguson told The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought we would just handle it as it was another storyline. But it leaked … and then it became this media thing.

“We have very bloodthirsty fans. Also, I feel like the mother of two of the characters that we’ve grown to love is a pretty significant character. So really, the only drawback is I won’t get to work with Shelley Long in the near future.”

Credit: Us Weekly

Jesse Tyler Ferguson says there’s another big shock on the way for Modern Family fans, Credit: Us Weekly


While Modern Family fans might be “bloodthirsty”, there’s a good chance they will be (literally) looking for blood later this season.

Ferguson told THR that there’s an even bigger shock to come later this year.

“There’s a major thing happening this season. It’s beyond,” he said.

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