Jimmy Tait – Self Titled

I thought Melbourne had enough emotional indie rock acts this year already. That was until I heard the gorgeous vocals and full enveloping sound of Melbourne outfit, Jimmy Tait.

Starting as a solo project in 2008, Jimmy Tait now brings together a multi-instrumentalist front-woman with a talent for beautiful songwriting, and some of the finest musicians in Melbourne. Their self-titled debut is a fantastic effort filled with emotion, experience and the occasional harmonica.

 ‘Goodnight’ sets up the album, beautiful and climactic; it’s a good display of the bands ability to affect the listeners through song composition and a healthy dose of sentiment. Drifting through the warm and quiet ‘Innocent’ and ‘The Pond’ which are bound to become Autumn favorites of many and hitting the middle of the album with the uplifting ‘Not for You’ which feels a bit like an interlude, pressing your reset button for the second half of the album.

 ‘A minor song’, as the name suggests, is a darker haunting song introducing some bluesy harmonica as yet another one of the many talents of the band. The ability to set emotion perfectly to a theme continues with ‘Small Town’, the song almost writes its own film clip and brings back the harmonica in a lighter tone. ‘Did You Love Anyone’ ends the album on a high, with a feeling of blissful warmth and anticipation.

Jimmy Tait is a brilliant debut from a staple in the Melbourne live music scene, showing off the musical talents of the highly capable members. Tight and full of gems, it’s the perfect cure for your summer hang-over.

–    Casey Chatterton