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Ever hopped on Seek, Googled a bunch of jobs and thought “I’d be perfect at that!!” only to find the requirements are way off your experience level? We’ve all been there. Knowing what job titles really mean can save you heaps of time and mean you can get some responses that you want!


What makes an assistant, coordinator and manager varies widely between different organisations and industries. The best way to know if something is appropriate for you, is to call and ask. Read below for one interpretation of what these titles mean.

Assists with everyday tasks within the organisation (this could be anything from printing to taking notes at meetings to general office admin), answers to a manager and probably has the lowest level of responsibility within the organisation. This is definitely applicable for anyone looking for experience in an industry, and many people who are in higher positions began their careers as an assistant.

Here’s an example:

About You

You will have an understanding of appropriate content for children and a real passion for learning. You will possess a high level of attention to detail coupled with strong organisation skills.

You will also have:

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal:
    • How do I get this at SYN: Become the Talks Manager. The Talks Manager is in constant communication with volunteers, staff, artists and public relations staff and your communication skills will improve exponentially.
  • Experience editing short form audio content:
    • How do I get this at SYN: Produce stories for All The Best. You will produce and edit stories under the supervision of a more experienced producer. You can do all of this without any prior editing experience.
  • Previous database and spread sheet management:
    • How do I get this at SYN: Become a Radio Manager. Radio Managers have to keep an eye on everyone broadcasting on SYN and therefore they use a LOT of spreadsheets to stay organised.
  • Proven experience working effectively as part of a team:
    • How do I get this at SYN: Join the Leadership Team. Regardless of your role, the Leadership Team involves a huge amount of teamwork, working with different personalities and conflict management.
  • Successful candidates will require a working with children/police clearance. The incumbent will be required to re-new any clearance in keeping with the relevant legislation.

Depending on the organisation, coordinators can be entry level positions who get their jobs without an enormous amount of previous work experience. This person will be overseen by a manager and will oversee projects and ensure that goals are met within a given time frame. The Downstairs Crew at SYN are all Coordinators: Content Development Coordinator, National Project Coordinator & Access Programming Coordinator.


You will have:

  • Previous experience as an office administrator
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Organisation skills and ability to work unsupervised
  • Confidence using MS Office suite at an advanced level
    • How do I get this at SYN: All of these skills can be gained by becoming an office admin for the Membership Experience Manager. Being an office admin means you are responsible for answering the phone, responding to queries, taking messages, data entry, spreadsheet management and a lot of time spent using the Microsoft Office Suite. This is a great way to gain valuable experience (and a reference) in a supportive environment.

This person is in charge of staff members and is in charge of achieving strategic goals within an organisation. This typically is not an entry level position without the right experience. Each organisation is different, but it’s fairly unlikely your first job out of university will be as a manager. However, it’s may be useful to read position descriptions of jobs you’d like to have in two, five, ten years time, to identify what skills are needed and how you can gain them. This will ensure you’re in the best possible position to apply for them when the time is right.

To be successful as the Digital Fundraising Manager, it is essential that you have:

  • An innovative, creative and target driven approach to the conception and execution of acquisition and retention campaigns
  • Strong knowledge and success utilising digital platforms
  • Experience in data analysis, evaluating results and reporting
  • Strong stakeholder engagement and relationship management approach
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Excitement and motivation to reach acquisition and revenue targets through application of digital expertise

Other titles you may encounter include: Specialist, Lead, Analyst, Officer, Adviser, Executive, Director, Head of…

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